CFN Executives provide gifts & psychosocial therapy to children affected by mudslide & flooding

The Children’s Forum Network (CFN) known as the Children’s Parliament for all Children in Sierra Leone on Saturday 2nd September, 2017 did psychotherapy counselling to colleague children at the Don Bosco orphanage foundation; the majority of whom are children affected by the recent twin disasters of mudslides and flooding in the Western Area of Sierra Leone.

‘After the conclusion of our tremendously successful Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Kamakwie, Karena District on 31st August 2017, the National Executive members of this our well-focused and well-meaning child-led organization, thought it fit to continue the support we have already been giving to affected children since the disasters happened.

In addition to psychotherapy, we also donated various gifts to the affected children including food and non-food items.

We were joined in raising the spirits of the children by famous musical entertainers like Steady Bongo who went with us C.F.N. executives to perform songs of hope and joy. C.F.N. wants to thank Mr. Steady Bongo for taking his time to help thrill the affected boys and girls.

We also want to thank the Moseray Fadika Trust Fund for financial support towards our activity of today.

In the C.F.N., we undertake these activities because we see them as a pathway towards achieving our overall goal of ensuring child welfare and development in Sierra Leone.

It could be recalled that on August 14th 2017, a mudslide and flooding disaster took place in some parts in Freetown during which a large number of children were affected to an extent of over 100 innocent children losing their lives.

Of those children that survived the disaster, a significant number lost their parents in the disaster. They are now left orphaned and have been placed by the Government at various orphanages including the Don Bosco Orphanage so as for them to be taken good care of. The goal is that the terrible tragedies which have affected them should not stop them from realizing their potentials and live to become responsible citizens of this great nation of Sierra Leone.

Finally, the Children’s Forum Network (CFN) wishes to once again extend profound condolences to the bereaved families of our colleague children who were ravaged as a result of the mudslide and flood disaster. We are all so really very sad about this ugly episode.

We want to encourage all our children colleagues at various orphanages that there is still hope beyond tragedy and that they will surely make it in life. Let them just believe that Almighty God is always there for them.

The C.F.N. plans to continue serving our affected colleague children as the days go by. We will continue to keep the public informed. To contact CFN, please do so through the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs as it is our supervising ministry.’

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