The fall of a Great Football Fan

Years before her demise, popular East End Lions Supporter and Leone Stars cook, Yainkain Kargbo, used to get along with her goat pepper soup business at the National Stadium. Most of her customers would come from the sporting circle.
Destiny faced her like an hitting the target when she could no longer bear her ten-year-old eye problem, which reports say was caused by a ball shut at her head.
One of her eyeballs projected outward tracing the nose. She made early appeal to Mercury International to help out situation. The betting company offered her three thousand dollars to carryout eye surgery in Ghana but the medics asked for six thousand dollars. She had to return home.
Ever since her return, things had gone pretty bad for her until her death late Thursday.
She was buried yesterday with hundreds of football stakeholders and fans following the procession to bid her eternal farewell.

Popular Football supporter and Leone Stars cook, Yainkain Kargbo, died on Thursday following a long pain caused by her eye splinter protruded from the socket.

Yainkain is the first popular female football supporter to have fallen on such bad times. During the days of active football in the country, she used to be an ardent supporter of East End Lions and a proud cook of Leone Stars. She followed football for the best part of her adult life until her demise.

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