Bad Management may crumble Africell: $400, 000 for not meeting KPI indicators

September 5, 2017 0 By STANDARD TIMESPRESS

Africell (Lintel) SL is currently displaying a dramatic shift in the country’s telecommunications industry. A company previously hailed by most customers for its unmatched value added services is currently heading for the dustbin due to bad management that resulted in a mass exodus of subscribers to other networks.
Quite recently, the National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM) slammed a fine of $400,000 on a company that has been boasting of being the best in the country’s telecoms industry for failing to meet their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) after a long deadline.
Africell was one of the operators given a four-month deadline by the Commission to try and meet their KPIs, but to date no achievement has been made. Most subscribers interviewed are of the view that the company they once cherished is currently dwindling down in terms of quality of its network and also its unwillingness to upgrade its customer care services.

“Subscribers are still experiencing drop calls, poor voice and data services among other deplorable services offered by these companies,” NATCOM Authorities confirmed.
In addition to the fine, NATCOM requested Africell and the two other companies to reward their subscribers with three (3) days of free calls. Whether Africell is willing to comply with this demand or not is something company officials are debating, owing to the fact that it is still grappling with some serious administrative setbacks which will be highlighted in our next edition.
The latest fine is not the first time Africell is having problems with the regulator, NATCOM. In November 26, 2014 Africell was asked by the former Information and Communications Minister, Alhaji Alpha Sahid Bakarr Kanu, to pay its outstanding regulatory fee of US$500,000 to NATCOM.
The Chief Executive Officer of Africell, Shadi Gerjawi, had to plead with NATCOM to give them up to January 2015 to be able to convert their billing system from Unit per Minute to Leones per Second. Whether the said money was paid or not is something the government’s financial records would have to prove.
“Africell’s decision to refuse to comply with statutory regulations in the telecoms sector is as a show of shameless arrogance by the Management of the company,” says a Senior Telecoms Stakeholder, and added that it has notoriously been depriving its customers and the government of their entitlements.
It could be recalled that on 20th October 2016 the National Revenue Authority had to forcefully shut down Africell’s headquarters for failure to pay income tax rising to about thirty –two (Le32) Billion Leones. NRA Tax Collectors where left with no alternative but to prevent the day’s work in a company that was boasting to be ‘number one for all the reasons’. The company had to beg NRA to allow it pay in four tranches money owed in corporate tax for 2015.
See more in our subsequent editions how an alleged corrupt Lebanese syndicate is posing serious threat to the company’s operation.