German Honorary Consuls support mudslide and flood victims in Sierra Leone.

Despite the numerous projects supported by the two Honorary consuls from Bavaria and Baden, Dr Ditmare Scheiter and WilliDrechsler have joined forces to provide numerous food, clothing and hygiene items to over 400 flood victims in the Matormeh camps 1,2 & 3, Kaningo and SS camp respectively.
Both Honorary Consuls doubling as CEOs of organizations Für Sierra Leone e.V andVerein Sierra Leone Baden Württemberg serves as intermediaries of the Sierra Leone community in Germany and the Sierra Leone Embassy in Berlin have supported many sierra Leoneans in education, health facilities, water and sanitation to name but a few.

In the wake of the emergency mudslide in Sierra Leone, they were able to galvanize funds to provide basic supplies such as rice, cooking oil, onions, sanitary towels, sugar, milk, blankets coffee, pure water and hygiene materials amounting to over sixty million Leones (60,000,000).
The donation was channelled through the local representative and country manager of Für Sierra Leone e.V, Mr Joseph Cole who also is a member of the organization based in Germany. Speaking to the country manager, he noted that there is high need to provide for people in need and more especially during disasters like the recent flooding and mudslide is very significant while also pointing out why they decided to provide the assistance to the people. Mr. Joseph Cole on behalf of his Organization explained the uniqueness of the strategy used in reaching the actual victims of the mudslide. In other to ensure the real victims are targeted, he said tickets were distributed midnight in the camps while supplies were done during the day.
The first phase of supplies was done on the 1st and 2nd of September,2017 in which various food and sanitary items were distributed ranging from 50 bags of rice, 75 gallons of cooking oil, 10 bags of sugar, 7 bags of onions, 300 bundles of pure water, 300 sachets of tissues, 300 cakes of laundry soap, 100 sanitary pads and 300 sardines. While he was making the donations to the victims, Mr Joseph Cole encouraged the victims to have faith and believe that all is not lost while they are facing their predicament. He also encouraged all Sierra Leoneans to avoid building houses in disaster prone areas. Mr. Cole used the occasion to explain to the victims and other Sierra Leoneans about the effect of climate change in their everyday lives.

In continueing their gesture to the victims, Für Sierra Leone e.V also made the 2nd phase of supplies and donation marking the 40th day ceremony of those who perished during the mudslide and flooding of August 14 2017. Various items such as Blankets, sugar, milk and various confectionaries were provided to the victims while marking this day. Speaking on behalf of the various camps, Mr Mohamed Jalloh thanked the honorary consuls for their kind gestures in this difficult time of their history. They prayed as a team for all who lost their lives in this tragedy. The occasion was crowned with onlookers from the government ministries, neighbouring communities and the security personnel’s.

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