YMCA kick starts project on Innovative Youth Entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone

By Ishmael Kindama Dumbuya
The Young Men Christian Association of Sierra Leone together with partners has launched a project on “fostering innovative, resilient and socially responsible youth entrepreneurship project” in Sierra Leone. The three years project aimed at the establishment of Youth entrepreneurship programme, the provision of mobile SMS and training support, vocational life skills training, literacy and numeracy training, business/entrepreneurship training as well as the establishment of savings and credit groups among others.

The High Table

The innovative youth Entrepreneurship project Manager, Joseph Kange said the main objective of the project is to increase the income and well-being of more than one thousand young women and men in Freetown, Makeni and Pujehun by providing them with access to skills training, networks and assets to establish small businesses or enter into employment.
The General Secretary for the Young Men Christian Association of Sierra Leone, Mr. Christian Kamara said they have been implementing programs with their Communities but this is the first time they are implementing programs with many partners across the country. He said they wants to see lots of people engage in not just entrepreneurship programs but also with initiative that have impacts on their lives with lots of opportunities in terms of creating employments. According to Mr. Kamara, Sierra Leone young people need to adopt the system of self employment among themselves by involving in the trade stressing the importance of the middle level man power. He however hope to see more young entrepreneurs in the coming years to compete with other countries in terms of entrepreneurship.
The Youth Empowerment Officer from the National Youth Commission, Madam Jemilatu Jalloh was honored to be part of the launching. She however congratulated the YMCA for their strides in complementing the work of the government of Sierra Leone in changing the narratives of young people in the country. According to her, the project will send a significant message to young people and called on all youths in the country to grab the opportunities provided to them.
The Minister of Youths Affairs, Hon. Bai Mahmoud Bangura while delivering a keynote speech and launching the project said the fostering innovative, resilient and socially responsible youth entrepreneurship project is a groundbreaking project which aimed at empowering and providing the needed opportunities for youths in Sierra Leone.
Minister Bangura emphasized on the need for skills and trade and made it clear that in most cases being a graduate doesn’t qualify someone to be given top jobs in organizations but such person need other special skills or qualities. Some of these skills and trade the Minister said are being provided by the YMCA for development of Youths and for them to grab.
The Minister also used the occasion to speak on the importance of the private sector in the development of any country especially when the government cannot employ everyone in a state.

Above all, Hon. Bangura said he believes that positive mental thinking can lead to positive outcomes among the youths. He said the project is advocating and seeking for responsive and responsible youths in Sierra Leone and however called on all Youths to cease the opportunities to ensure the project is successful.
Kat Kmouph from YCare International also said that the project intends to transform the lives of young people in Sierra Leone and it will establish the opportunities in the country rather than engaging in the challenges among the youths.

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