Misappropriation of Donor Funds: Le 500 Million Bail for acting Executive Director

January 24, 2018 0 By STANDARD TIMESPRESS

In June 2017, this medium ran a front page article titled 342,612 Euros Chopped at NPAA. The article pointed accusing fingers at the erstwhile Executive Director Dr. Kolleh Bangura of alleged involvement that led to the misappropriation of the money, which was a fund from the European Union to improve and enhance an ongoing project described as RED+ Initiative. The project was a financial support towards the European Union Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA).

The table has since changed after an investigation conducted and proven that it was not the Executive Director that was involved but the acting Executive Director who was neck deep in the illegal act and has used and continues to use her contact, one of which is a formidable political pillar in the person of the Minister of Agriculture who seemed to have been blinded  by reality to accept a situation that was not negotiable either in the form of cash or human kind to remedy it. But it was obvious that the Minister, Professor Monty Jones was interested in the beauty of a female human creature than the improvement of the project.

Going down to every corner to unearth the truth was a herculean task for him, not out of ignorance or for the general good of the project, but for personal benefit.  Although, some members of the Board were in total disagreement, but gauging his focus into achieving his personal benefit, the Minister had to pile pressure to get rid of Dr. Kolleh Bangura and bring in the choice of his heart, who has now been exposed by the Anti Corruption Commission as a possible suspect in the misappropriation of donor fund. In the words of the National Protected Area Authority and Conservation Trust Fund, it is an “ineligible expenditure”

It would appear that the acting Executive Director has been caught in the ineligible expenditure and unfortunately the Anti Corruption Commission is digging and diving into files and comparing signatures that have been forged to access the money and other documentary evidence currently in the possession of the Commission. This has probably and possibly put the acting Executive Director, Kate MB Garnet in a state of disillusionment for undermining the status quo for temporal benefit that has now become her tormentor, despite the support she attracted to attain the position. Few weeks back, a handful of Board Members had the temerity to interfere into the ACC investigation. Whether the objective was to water down the ACC investigation of Kate MB Garnet and Sahr Joseph Kaifineh who was the Impress Accounting Officer or to create an impression that the ACC is not treating the suspects fairly. The New chairman and a few others wrote to Ade Macauley, Commissioner of the Anti Corruption complaining as to why Kate MB Garnet is the only person being investigated by ACC.  Some Board Members reportedly refused to sign the letter stating that it is an offense under the ACC Act. Meanwhile the sum of Le500 Million bail has been granted to Kate MB Garnet and her co suspect (See next edition)