The newly transfer high Court Judge to the Bo high court Justice Alhaji Momoh Jah Stevens who on Monday16th October 2017  officially took over the Bo high Court as presiding Judge  has sentenced twelve accused persons who stood charged with the offences of sexual penetration .

Other accused persons who appeared before the Judge  were  sentenced for more than one year for offences of larceny dwelling house and wounding with intent respectively.  Making appearances before the Honorable Justice Alhaji Momoh Jah Stevens in the Bo high Court, accused persons namely Foday Harding, Joseph Ellie, Thomas Sajjeh Mohamed Kpukumu who were being tried   by the former Judge of the Bo high Court Justice Kekuda Bangura pleaded guilty before Justice Alhaji Momoh Jah Stevens on diverse dates to the allegations of sexual penetration of a child contrary to section 19 of the sexual offensive Act 2012 Act No 12 of 2012.

The particular of offence alleged that the accused person Joseph Ellie was charged on one count of sexual penetration of sexual penetration of a girl below 18 years was sentence on 30th October 2017 after pleading guilty of the offence.

Foday Harding said to 18 years who appeared before the presiding Judge on 19th October this year for the offence of sexual penetration of a 12 year old girl was sentenced to two years imprisonment.

35 years old Thomas Sajjeh of Gbo Chiefdom in the Bo district who was charged with the offence of sexual penetration of an 8 year old girl of the same village pleaded guilty and was sent behind Bars for four years.

It could be recalled that accused person at Gbaima village in the Gbo Chiefdom sexually penetrated an 8 years old girl and course her bodily harm. Joseph Kpukumu resident of 2 Jubilee streets in Bo was charged with offence of sexual penetration of a 15 year old girl. According to the particulars of offence the accused person sometime in January 2016 sexually penetrated the girl. He pleaded guilty before the presiding Judge and was sentence to three years four months imprisonment. The other accused persons who were before Justice Alhaji Momoh Jah Stevens for offence of sexual penetration including were slammed with two to three years Jail. Accused person Bobor Moiwo who appeared before the Honorable Justice in the Bo high Court on 25th October 2017 pleaded guilty to the offence of larceny dwelling house contrary to section (1) of the larceny Act 1916. It could be recalled that sometime in March 2016 stole from a dwelling house of one Joseph Semoi and stole property worth one Million five Hundred thousand Leones. The Honorable Justice wasted no time and sentenced the accused to thirty six months in jail.

During the commencement of the criminal cases, the Principal State Counsel in Bo Semion Allieu told the Judge that the criminal cases have lasted so long in this Honorable court and for one reason of the other the accused persons were afraid to plead guilty for reasons best known to them. The State Counsel maintained that the accused were only wasting the time of the court. He told the Court that the prosecution had all evidence to prove with regards the cases before the Court.

Having carefully looked at the cases of criminal offence, Justice Alhaji Momoh Jah Stevens in his wisdom passed sentence to the accused persons respectively. Court sources, the people of Bo have described the newly transferred Bo high Court Judge Justice Alhaji Momoh Jah Stevens as a decent and hard working man in the Judiciary whose focus is to   dispense Justice to the people without fear or favor. According to the Court sources, just two weeks the Honorable Justice Alhaji Momoh Jah Stevens taken over the Court he has concluded over twenty cases at the Bo high Court which they described as excellent.

According to them, this can drastically reduced the overcrowding in the correctional centres in the provinces.

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