Over Ebola matter: Mohamed Jalloh runs to safety

By Alie Sonta Kamara

Some Sierra Leoneans who believed many of the health cases attributed to Ebola were fake and over-stretched have had their lives threatened by the political class with over fifty confined last week to face court trial. One such victim who ran away for his life was Mohamed Jalloh.

When Ebola broke out in Sierra Leone, there were mixed feelings as to what are the literal signs and symptoms of the new disease. As a result of that, people with Malaria, Typhoid and Dysentery were deemed to carrying the virus. Radios took up the issue and citizens were given the leverage to express their feelings. During phoning programmes, police traced those who argued that patients falling ill of other diseases were being sent to Ebola holding centres.

Jalloh, who himself was part of the Ebola burial team at the time and who saw how things unfolded claimed that his boss with whom he worked framed many to have caught the virus for selfish gains.

Reports say when Mohamed Jalloh protested, his boss reprimanded him and took his particulars to the police as one of those denying the existence of Ebola in the country.

Jalloh ran away from the city and sought refuge in the countryside. Police materialized in his father’s house two days later. They arrested his father to answer to questions.

Police have ever been searching for Mohamed Jalloh who reports say has left the country.

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