…Cleaner released

The exploitative and fraudulent financial deal came to an abrupt and unforeseen end when the Central Bank came in with all its might to save some Sierra Leoneans who were already victims of the Ghanaians mafia financial syndicate that had caused severe sufferings to many Sierra Leoneans who were blindly hoodwinked into believing that the establishment operated by these people is genuine and productive. On the contrary the objective was to multiply deposits of their clients to the advantage of the operators.

What they told their clients was absolutely a contradiction of what the Central Bank noticed that the microfinance was promoting with the sole aim of fraudulently converting proceeds deposited into the microfinance kitty by some innocent and unsuspecting Sierra Leoneans.

Mr. Kafui Amegah is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Eclipse Microfinance Company with Operational Office situated at Siaka Stevens Street and Directorate Office at Pademba Road. After laying the foundation for defrauding innocent Sierra Leoneans, he left for his country of birth where he had maintained a constant flow of communication to avail himself with operational activities on the ground in Sierra Leone. The operation of the Eclipse Microfinance is not different from the Wealth Builders that carted away millions of Leones from Sierra Leoneans and till date the matter has not reached any final conclusion and many Sierra Leoneans have lost millions of Leones, which they cannot tell when they would receive their hard earned money.

This time round not from Nigeria, but from Ghana and the key players are Ghanaian nationals who have criminally reaped a staggering sum of Le2.3 Billion   from Sierra Leoneans under the pretext that the money is part of the micro finance project. The Central Bank did not waste time in responding to this criminal syndicate established by the group of Ghanaians whose sole aim was how to accrue wealth at the expense of unsuspecting Depositors.

The Sierra Leone Police reportedly collaborated with officials from the Central Bank and had the gates of the building locked. One of the key players named Kweku is currently in Police net and reportedly helping police with the investigation while the cleaner has been released.

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