The Dilemma of Mr. Humphrey Thomas

Humphrey Thomas is a citizen of Sierra Leone, but currently seeking protection in some parts of the world. Some friends say in Australia and others say in the United States of America. Humphrey’s life and that of his family are in danger.  This was as a result from the activities of a secret society that he refused to join and be part of throughout his teenage life in the Country.  His unfortunate journey in life commenced when he lost both his father and mother during the rebel war. As is the tradition that this time round was his turn to carry the mantle left behind by his great grandfather.   A Christian he had rejected the membership of the organizations saying that he is a born again and child of God. This culminated to a campaign launched against him by some of the members who are aware that his great grandfather was the leader of the secret society; therefore he has no alternative but to be part of it and perform the rituals of the society.

He became a media practitioner sometime in the early part of 2000 and has written several scathing articles about this secret society and other related secret Societies in the Country, exposing a number of vices that he believed that members of the society are engaged in. He thought he was doing justice to the society for members to relinquish the horrible things they were engaged in which society dislikes. This action of Humphrey has placed him in the bad books of the society and further worsened his situation. The Orsupiorso Society is causing great harm to innocent Sierra Leoneans especially those whose grand fathers and fathers are core members. They eat human flesh and drink blood.  The society is notorious for its sickening atrocities against perceived and real opponents and has the support of certain Police officers and Politicians.  The Orsupiorso Society is operating all over Sierra Leone.  Its main objective is to acquire wealth and prolong life.  Membership is to first born male child.  The society is generational that passes from the father to the son and should never be allowed to end once one has become a member.  And if any member chooses to abandon or rebel against the society the penalty is death. The Trace Media of Sierra Leone has detail articles and full description of the activities of the Orsupiorso Society.

Since the disappearance of Humphrey’s father the Society has been pursuing him every where and when they would lay hands on him, it would be a different story to tell. Humphrey has criticized and levy campaigns against several other societies like the Poro, Gbangbani, Wunde, Ojeh, Bondo/Sande. He has no limit in his endeavor to ban these secret societies in the country, but that is a farfetched reality. Something that would never happened in this generation and generation yet to come.   The secret societies are patronised by highly placed state officials such as Paramount Chiefs and other traditional elders and for Humphrey to succeed another world has to be created and another African continent has to be established.  The patrons ensure that members of the group go scot free for whatever crime they commit no matter how wicked and cruel it is to humanity.  Humphrey, it would be recalled had been beaten and tortured several times by members of the groups especially by Orsupiorso group.  One such story published was some members of the Poro society invaded a mosque, captured the Imam and forcefully initiated him into the society.  There are photographs of Humphrey being beaten and molested by these groups with the help of the police.   And anytime he makes an attempt to report the matter to the police, the outcome would be dastardly and regrettable.

The matter that brought the whole thing to a head was when the Orsupiorso plotted to murder Humphrey during the election and made it look like part of the election violence.  He returned home but could not find any member of his family, it was then neighbours informed him that people dressed like the Orsupiorso came looking for him and because he could not be found, they captured some of his friends and family members and left a message that they are coming back to his residence and would only stop if he gives himself up voluntarily.  This was when he decided to flee Sierra Leone for a land of safety prior to the appointed date of the Commonwealth Games.  Sources say he could not tell what happened to those captured and whether or not they have been freed.  The constant harassment by the groups has left him traumatized and shocked.  The government of Sierra Leone cannot protect him from the societies whose officials are part of the governance structure.  Most don’t like the critical stuff he has been writing about the Female Genital Mutilation groups, the Bondo and Sande societies; and they detest the fact that instead of taking his rightful place in the secret societies such as the Orsupiorso, he was busy criticizing them, which they believed was the wish of his late father.

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