$120 million investment facilities for Freetown Terminal Extension Project

By Abu BakarrKargbo

Freetown Terminal Limited, which started operations in March 2010, has a concession agreement signed with Government of Sierra Leone in October 2010, for a period of 20 years. As part of its port expansion project, the company is currently implementing a $120million investment in new berth and storage facilities. It enjoyed ratification in Parliament in February 2016, with 10 years additional for port concession (up to 2041), and government of Sierra Leone becoming shareholder with 20%.

New equipment at Sierra Leone’s port

The company’s Country Manager, Captain FabjankoKokan informed journalists on Friday that the investment is ongoing and on track, noting that they fully respect what they have agreed with the government and are ready to keep to their promise. “The project is for Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans today and the future,” Kokan said.

In spite of all challenges, he said they are assured of meeting their target. “We will continue with our investment and commitment. We will complete the work in the coming months and on 1st September this year we will start work,” he assured.

Freetown Terminal recently received some extra modern equipment that will be operated by Sierra Leoneans. They are two Ship to Shore Cranes and four Rubber Tire Gantry Cranes.

Freetown Terminal’s General Manager, Bertrand Kerguelen said each Ship to Shore Crane has a capacity of 1,200 tons weight and both can handle 6, 000 containers. “This is aimed at transforming the port into a standard trans-shipment port,” he said, revealing further that the equipment will be operated by Sierra Leoneans, as the company hopes to train about thirty local staff.

Abu BakarrSesay, Freetown Terminal’s Chief of Operation described the four Rubber Tire Gantry Cranes as fast, efficient and reliable. “They serve clients at a faster pace because they can ship and take containers from its position at any time. The four new cranes can perform faster than the nine existing cranes.

The $54million 24 months expansion work started on October 3rd, 2016; to expand the quay to a length of 270 m and depth of 13 m CD. The quantity of sand reclaimed at 800 000 m3, the quantity of concrete at 14 000 m3, paving blocks of 49 000 m2, and has the manpower of 200-250 people on site.

So far, 88 % of progress is achieved, as the quay wall is completed (with quay equipment), the rails for accommodating the 2 STS cranes are installed, and a quayside area of 16 200 m2 is paved.

The Powerplant of 6 MW for feeding the 2 STS cranes and 4 RTG is complete.


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