Mudslide Disaster Victim in Waterloo Displace Camp faces attack by Unknown Thugs

Palay Johnson an orphan who lost his entire family in the August 17, 2017 Mudslide disaster in the Regent community in Freetown is on the run after been attacked by some unknown thugs in the Waterloo Mudslide disaster displaced camp.

According to our Western rural correspondent in the Waterloo community Palay Johnson and his friend with other Mudslide disaster survivors decided to confront authorities in charge of the millions of dollars donated by International organizations, other countries meant to resuscitate the lives of Mudslide victims and survivors was squandered. This move by Palay and other Mudslide victims living in the Waterloo Mudslide disaster camp didn’t go down well with the so-called authorities and in return hired thugs to chase and killed Palay with his allies.

Reports reaching our press state that on September 12th, 2017 at about midnight thugs attacked Palay with his allies for confronting the authorities in charge of the Mudslide funds.

As soon as they broke in to the premises of the mudslide camp, Palay and his friends were immediate spotted   and   chased by the thugs. Palay managed to jump from a fence and fell on his feet but continued running and finally got   refuge in the residence of one Nongovernmental Organization (NGO).

Report further states that Palay explained the threat he is facing to the   NGO worker who assured him that he will facilitate his escape from Sierra Leone to avoid being killed.

The other Mudslide victims at the Waterloo camp alleged that Palay had received a huge sum of money from the authorities in charge of the Mudslide funds. The mudslide victims later learnt that Pelay is seeking refuge at the residence of the NGO that was also invaded but Palay managed to escape through the back door.  He was still pursued until he entered a thatch and mud house in the bush, not knowing it was the Bondo women’s society bush. After spending couple of minutes in the thatch house, the heads of the bondo (sowei’s) entered the house to commence their initiation ceremonies.

Minutes later, the genital cutting was to commenced and the initiators was Palay and they all shouted at him singing songs   that he has committed an abominable act   by entering in to their initiation bush. He escaped by bulldozing his way from Bondo/fgm cutting leaders (bowies) and since then the tribal authorities in the Waterloo community have pronounced Palay wanted for an abominable act of entering in to their initiation bush for women, forbidden for men.

Efforts by this press to contact Palla proved fruitless as his contact lines were constantly switched off.

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