Internal Auditor embarrasses Anti Corruption Investigators. … Director’s fake report implicates 2

In an organizational setting, professionalism plays a pivotal role. Therefore, when professionalism fails to execute their job in a proper way as prescribed, the image of the organisation undoubtedly suffers and be ridiculed. Recently, the Internal Auditor of the National Revenue Authority (NRA), Philip Koroma has exhibited a blatant trait of unprofessionalism. Investigation mounted by this medium has revealed that Philip Koroma was instructed by the Commissioner General of NRA, Dr. Samuel Jibao, to audit the financial status of the institution with the reassurance of a lucrative promotion if he can do an objective findings and discover flaws that would expose the erstwhile NRA Commissioner General, Haja Kallay Kamara and the Director of Finance Abdulai Conteh. Philip Koroma was reportedly over-excited in carrying out the assignment. He swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker, without thinking of the backlash and reportedly prepared a phony audit report that revealed multiple errors. The Director of Finance was not opportune to proffer his own contributions or make any professional input into the report, which was deliberately done to rope in the two senior officials and give the impression to the Anti Corruption Commission and his immediate boss that they had involved in the misappropriation, embezzlement and corrupt operation, involving the finances of the National Revenue Authority (NRA). It was during the process of going through the report for the first time that the Director of Finance was arrested by the country’s Anti-Corruption Commission to respond to the fictitious contents of the report, which was devoid of his own response either verbal or in writing. ACC Sources say they are not satisfied with the contents of the report and have therefore advised that it should be thoroughly done as required by law.

Given the allegations put together by Philip Koroma in his audit report, the Board of Directors have directed that a full scale audit should be carried out on the finances of NRA to cover donor project funds, NRA’s 3% paid by Government, the duty waiver account, and the anti-smuggling accounts. This will be done by Koroma’s successor who is a strong SLPP faithful to be named in the coming days.

The hunt for APC government employees at the NRA has caused massive changes in all departments, which has affected revenue generation and collection and in the process rendering the current Government financially handicap.

After the Internal Auditor’s successfully or is unsuccessfully carried out his biased national duty, Dr. Samuel Jibao had him lynched by advertising his position which will see him taking the exit door in the next couple of days. “The Internal Auditor’s behavior has been classed as a clear case of professional misconduct” Echoed a retired Accountant of Price Waters Copper.

It could be recalled that Philip Koroma came out with an audit report few years back that implicated certain NRA workers. The workers were dragged to court for alleged corrupt practices. Disappointedly though, NRA lost that particular case in court as a result of further findings, which called to question Philip Koroma’s qualifications, competence and experience in the job. Philip Koroma read Economics and Agriculture and not proper courses related to his professional career, but claimed to know the job better than most of his superiors and even those at KPMG and not to talk about Price Waters Copper. Many Sierra Leoneans are saying that he has not only embarrassed officials of the Anti Corruption Commission, but could be liable to prosecution for betraying the cause of justice and professionalism.

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