On the Green Belt is a no go area or allowed for the erection of any permanent or temporal structure to be used by any individual as a place for permanent abode. Over-looking the valleys and the city of Freetown is a three-storey building established by the former Minister of Lands Country Planning and the Environment. It was hurriedly built in three months during the brief period the then Minister of Lands Country Planning and the Environment served under the APC Government. With igneous rocks and heavy soils hanging on the hills adjacent the structure, the fear is that one day this structure may suffer the consequences of eruption that would lead to a disastrous situation. The current Minister of Lands Country Planning and the Environment has refused to turn attention to this imminent disaster that is impatiently waiting time to explode. Only divine intervention would save the occupants of the building if the odds are to take place. It was the expectation of the public who have sensed the imminent danger that the Minister of Lands Country Planning and the Environment, Dr. Sandy should have taken the necessary and timely rescue exercise to avert the danger and save the precious lives of occupants of the building, but the Minister has not done that since he assumed office, instead he has engaged in what Many Sierra Leoneans have described as the unlawful grabbing of private lands under the pretext that they are State Property. Since Dr. Sandy was appointed Minister of Lands Country Planning and the Environment complaints about his unlawful land grabbing and illegal demolition of private structures without a Court Order, authorizing him to do so or the Ministry of Lands Country Planning and the Environment to carry out the exercise have made headlines and becoming very alarming. Several complaints have been forwarded to State House about the activities of Dr. Sandy with no remedy or corrective measures coming from President Bio. It would be recalled that when Dr. Sandy was appointed Minister of Lands Country Planning and the Environment under the APC, he exhibited similar illegality and unlawful behavior which caused the late Lawyer Jenkins Johnston to institute legal proceeding against him. In a similar view, the same Dr. Sandy has commenced what he did some years back to peaceful Sierra Leoneans that forced the late legal practitioner to put a stop to his unlawful and illegal activities that are causing pains and distress to ordinary Sierra Leoneans. If he has not invaded Aberdeen this week he would invade Hill Station or other locations to carry out his deadly acts to the peace and tranquility of citizens. On 20th July, 2018 he led a team of military and police officers to demolish a private property owned by an employee of this medium under the guise that the property was built on an access road. Few weeks back, he stormed the Baw-baw-Sussex area and laid claims on eleven acres of land owned by a private Sierra Leonean. He drove security personnel assigned to the property and installed a sign post claiming that it’s a Government Property. He is in the habit of over-turning leases of land assigned to Sierra Leoneans by the Ministry of Lands Country Planning and the Environment that rents and other obligations have been fulfilled by the lesser. According to a senior official attached to State House, complaints against Dr. Sandy by some members of the public are overwhelming and reports alleged that both the Chief Minister and President Julius Maada Bio are becoming disgusted with negative reports him which are putting the Government in a bad light to the public. Misusing and abusing the office have become a major concern to many Sierra Leoneans, even some SLPP Supporters and members have not cherished or supportive of his action with full disregard of the law.

The Obama area where Dr. Sandy had built his skyrocketed house is considered a more delicate zone than most of the areas he is unlawfully and illegally destroying properties owned by Sierra Leoneans, but since he completed the building no minister of Government or members of the public have illegally demolished his structure.

In a letter dated 18th June, 2018, Lawyer Jenkins Johnston has warned him to desist from laying claims on the property owned by his client. He informed him of a possible legal action if he continues to threaten his client as Dr. Sandy himself is aware that nobody is above the law. Hiding under the cloak to cause mayhem and increase the suffering of the people, the Lawyer has therefore warned him that this is not the first time he has demonstrated this unpatriotic act on Sierra Leoneans, which he would suffer the consequences of his action as he would not relent or fear to take legal action against him. Similarly, Lawyer representing the Sierra Leonean whose 11 acres of land at Baw-Baw beach…Sussex is ready to make him pay the price of any illegal or unlawful action he may demonstrate against his client for the property that his client has been the fee simple owner for the past forty years.

Many Sierra Leoneans have classed the illegal and unlawful actions, devoid of the law as a clear sabotage of the Julius Maada Bio political score sheet that is making serious and positive impact on the voters. The secret of the illegal and unlawful action of Dr. Sandy and the benefits accrued will be made public in due course as citizens are reportedly tired with illegal and unlawful demolition of their properties every morning, afternoon or evening without a Court Order            




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