Two Constitutional Instruments laid in Parliament …APC MPs call for debate By Abu Bakarr Kargbo

Hon. Daniel Koroma, wants Constitutional Instruments debated

An Amended Notice of a Private Member Motion proposed by Hon. Daniel Koroma and Seconded by Hon. Hassan A. Sesay, all of the Opposition All People’s Congress (APC) Party, and addressed to the Clerk of Parliament, Hon. Umar Paran Tarawally, has called for the debate of two Constitutional Instruments that were laid on the table of the House of Parliament on Thursday 2nd August 2018 due to their wider implications on society. The two instruments, The Commission of Inquiry (Examination, Inquiry and Investigation) notice (1), and The Commission of Inquiry (Examination, Inquiry and Investigation) notice (2), were laid in Parliament by the Deputy Attorney General Hon. Abdulai M. Bangurah Esq. on behalf of His Excellency President Bio. Hon. Daniel Koroma stood on the Parliamentary Standing Order 18 in the form of a motion for the documents to be debated together with Section 170 subsection 7 of the laws of the country.

The laying of the document in Parliament implies that two different Commissions will commence work on or at any time after August 23rd 2018 if no MP objects to the contents of what President Bio has sent there through his Deputy AG. Parliament went on a summer recess on Friday August 3rd 2018. By law, instruments laid before the House should be debated within 21 days before it becomes an Act of Parliament. What the Sierra Leone P:erople’s Party-led Parliament want to succeed on so shutting down parliament so that ne Member of Parliament will object to the drafted documents, which many Sierra Leoneans are challenging of being illegally drafted and contrary to the Constitutional Section 150. Members of Parliament interviewed by the press state that the two proposed Commissions whose documents were laid in Parliament, will be legally able to immediately commence work on 23rd August 2018 unless two thirds of elected MPs vote against such within 21 days.

It can be recalled that the government has appointed Nigerian named Justice Biobele Georgewill to head the proposed Commission of Inquiry to examine the assets and other related issues in respect of persons who served as President, Vice President, Ministers and Deputies, Heads and Chairpersons of Boards Government Departments and Agencies within the period of November 2007 to April 2018.

“There are several objections from the public to the restriction of investigations to be only for Ministers and other APC members who served as political appointees whilst leaving out Permanent Secretaries whom were the Vote Controllers who managed the disbursement of funds and are well known to have been more corrupt than even the ministers,” report states, noting that President Bio’s decision to only go after APC ministers and leave out Vote Controllers has also seen massive displeasure from several citizens who have concluded that those civil servants who used to undermine the APC may have been SLPP agents all along.

The public is calling on two Ministers, Peter Bayoku Konteh the current Minister of Trade and Dr. Denis Sandy, Minister of Lands; both of whom served under the previous government to resign their current positions whilst waiting for the kick-start of the proposed commission of inquiry.

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