….Police accused By Unisa Bangura

In the last publication, this medium stated that the amount paid to a company either as a contract amount or other thing else was US$32 Million, but after proper perusing of the documents the amount was US$13 Million which was paid to the contractor for the purchasing and importation of biometric materials for the conduct of the voter registration by the National Registration Secretariat. It is also during the investigation that this medium was informed that the money came from the Sierra Leone Government and not the World Bank or the United Nations Development Programme(UNDP). The materials for the voter cards should last for ten years, which means they can be used for the next election 2023. This has been the disappointment of Government and waste of state resources. Apart from the inferior quality of materials bought, most of the materials have been stolen. The computers, cameras and portable generators have all been stolen and the Sierra Leone Police have been accused of complacency and not doing anything to recover Government properties. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has the supervisory role constitutionally, but it would appear that some ministry officials conspired with the contractor and senior officials at the National Registration Secretariat to expose the equipment to thieves and it is very clear that the major beneficiary of the biometric contract was the contractor and thieves that the police allowed to exercise their enterprise and what they know best. Government, according to documentary evidence had almost exhausted payments with a fraction of it not yet concluded.

The Transition Team, according to one of its members found the explanation and day-light robbery unbelievable, considering the quantum of money spent.

The deputy minister by then was retired Major. Ishmeal Sengu Koroma. He was kicked out of the programme and left to be managed by retired Major Paolo Conteh. It is apparently clear that nothing substantial can be explained about the biometric materials this time round


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