Dr. Kandeh Yumkella at the Grave Sites ex-President Kabbah &Co …to explain political disappointment or…..

It is notorious for the Krio ethnic group, a minority one in Sierra Leone to pay homeage to their dead, but not forgotten relatives and friends. This tradition according to the Krios is observed on 1st January of every year. Foods and drinks are shared among them and libation poured by the grave sides calling on the dead to protect them in their places of work and make provisions for them so that they can be able to take care of the rest of the families and children. It is their beliefs that whatever pronouncement made at the cemetary will always come to reality. Sometime, reports are made about a family member who may be troubling other members of the family either for property left behind or any other material things that families believed was bequeathed to them but only a member of the family is enjoying. The scenes were these pronouncements are made or reports are solemn and devoted. Many Christian denominations are criticizing this type of traditional belief being observed by the Krios. Some believed that once somebody is dead, he/she is inactive and cannot do anything, therefore they should not be disturbed as they take their permanent rest. The song “sleep on beloveth, sleep and take your rest” was coined for the living to know that death is a permanent sleep”. So the born again christain faith believes that the dead should be left to rest. It was therefore a shock to many bystanders seeing the Leader of the National Grand Coalition Dr. Kandeh Yumkella dressed in a White suit with a black hat on his head at the grave sites of the late ex-President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah and Mosery Fadika standing with his hands folded infront of him and only his lips were seen moving. No sound coming out from his mouth, but his lips moving as if he was chanting words/ verses in the Koran that he wants nobody to hear him speak. It would be recalled that the ex-president of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Dr. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah died on 13th March, 2014 and Mosery Fadika alias Super passed away on 8th August, 2016. It is not known whether or not Dr. Kandeh Yumkella attended the burial ceremonies of those prominent Sierra Leoneans. According to an onlooker, Dr. Yumkella may have gone to the grave sites to report about the outcome of the elections how he was betrayed by Sierra Leoneans who were dancing and jubilating during rallies held prior to the elections. The rallies gave him hope to be the next president of Sierra Leone, but turned out to be a disappointment. Some of the onlookers claimed may have been one of the reasons for his visit to the grave sites, but up to press time no explanation or Dr. Yumkella being quoted by any friend or relative as to why he visited the grave sites of the late ex-President and the philanthropist popularly known as super.

7th July 2018


The Inspector General of Police,

Police Headquarters

George Street,



Dear Sir,




I write on behalf of the Renaissance Movement – which, I believe, your office has had, in recent times, interactions with on human rights and social justice issues. The Movement refers to a directive from the Sierra Leone Police dated 4th July 2018 with the subject-matter “ Formal release of the report of the Governance Transition team…” and particularly to the contents whereof it is stated that “ no former government functionaries, including former ministers, deputies, heads,  heads of parastatals and agencies should be allowed to travel out of the country either by land, sea or air without authorization from the Attorney-General  and Minister of Justice ”. The directive further instructs that “former government functionaries in-country are required to surrender their travel documents…to the head of criminal investigations department with immediate effect” and consequently police personnel and units across the country have been ordered by this directive “ to identify and arrest any former government functionary who may want to leave the shores of Sierra Leone without due authorization ”. We further note that the directive refers to an attachment listing the number of people affected by the said travel ban.


The Movement would like to state categorically that it associates itself with every streak of effort towards the annihilation of corruption in our society. We share the view that such fight should be extensive and comprehensive enough to robustly weed out the prime cause of our collective poverty and socio-economic decadence. However, as a movement we consider the ambivalence of the directive regarding the travel ban on all former government functionaries as gravely vague and excessive and a recipe for interference with the human rights of all former functionaries of government; many of whom served our nation in various capacities playing by the rules. Certainly, we as a movement would not condone any fight against corruption that disfigures, in the process, fundamental freedoms and human rights of the people of this country, including even those being investigated for corruption offences. We should further note that the transition report remains a recommendation on action to be adopted by government and not a conclusion of judicial process that should warrant a blanket restriction of fundamental rights and freedoms.


In view of the above, I write to urge and kindly request that the Police clarifies and limits its travel ban to only those who are being investigated as listed in your said attachment and not to every government functionary in the former government. We concede that the police is empowered by our nation’s Constitution to place reasonable restrictions on the identified and specific individuals who are being investigated for economic crimes but certainly not EVERY FORMER GOVERNMENT FUNCTIONARY.


We trust that your good office would make the necessary amendment to eliminate confusion in the implementation of the said directive.


Please count on our support as always in your strive to enforce the laws of our country and to promote justice and accountability.


Yours faithfully,


Augustine Sorie-sengbe Marrah

Interim Chairman,

Renaissance Movement (SL)


Cc: The Attorney-General and Minister of Justice;


The Commissioner, Anti Corruption Commission;


The President, Sierra Leone Bar Association;


The Fourth Estate





After the suspension of Timber through an executive order by the Bio regime, the President has gone back on his words and lifted the ban. The export of timber contract has been given to Hon Rado Yokie (SLPP) and Babadie Kamara who is also a key SLPP supporter of the SLPP regime.


These two SLPP alagbas, have formed a Timber company with a Chineese businessman and the President has given the sole right to export timber out of Salone.


Now, tell me, is this not a conflict of interest and corruption? The same findings in the Transition Report by Mr. 1% Chief Minister and team that the past Government gave contracts to party cronies, is the same thing this Bio regime is doing thereby making the said Transition report a political weapon. Giving Timber contracts to Rado Yokie and Babadie Kamara whom are SLPP supporters. So whats new in this new direcction? Why accuse the past regime of corrupt, when the Bio regime is doing the same corrupt practices? Is this what the new direction is all about?


Mr President, Sierra Leoneans voted you in to create change, but your almost 100 days in governance, your government has done almost all what you are accusing the past regime of. If you want to clean another man’s cupboard, make sure your own cupboard is clean, cause charity starts at home.


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