“Let make love and not war” The Keukenhof experience 

By Mohamed Konneh

In a small corner packed with beautifully laid out flowers was this written sentence on top of a neatly parked flower “Let make Love and not War”. This simple written sentence entangled to a pack of flower caught the eyes the sooner one enters the beautiful Keukenhof in the Netherlands and this sends simple but an important.

Keukenhof garden is in South Holland and located on the outskirts of Amsterdam City. 7 million flowers bulbs is planted every year across a 79 Acre land with over 800 varieties of different flowers including tulips and spring flowers.Keukenhof attracts visitors from around the globe who want to see the Netherlands’ iconic tulip fields. More than 9 miles (15 km) of footpaths provide space to stroll around the park, take photos of flowers in bloom, and enjoy this favorite Dutch traditionevent that last for two months.Keukenhof, also known as the Garden of Europe, is one of the world’s largest flower gardens, located in the Netherlands.

With the beautifully laid out message of peace and love, flowers represent peace and beauty of the heart. Flowers represent love and speak to the heart of human.

The world today is trouble with wars and strikes in almost every part of the continent. In Africa there is war, and insurgents threatening peace in most parts. There is Boko Haram in Nigeria, war in Somalia, war in Sudan and war in Mali. There is also war in theCasamount Region of Senegal were separatists continue to attack and disturb that nation. There is also insecurity in Libya, and fighting is still taking place in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Parts of Europe is trouble by terrorism and the recent attacks of killing of 57 unarmed Muslims in New Zealand. The UK, France and Germany had all have a taste of attacks putting the world peace in a balance. There is conflict in Myanmar and Venezuela too is experience unrest. The threat from North Korea is another case in point including India and Pakistan for the Kashmir region.

Despite, all of these examples of fighting and insecurity across the globe there is also a new wave of conflict hanging over the world and this has to do with youth unemployment that is now threatening the peace of Africa.Unemployment among the continent young people, the growing poverty and inequality in the continent remains among threats hanging over Africa.

The Netherlands represent peace with the world peace city and peace museum located in that country. This makes that simple but powerful message calling for love and not war an important one to the world. If only love can be exhibited and forgetting war the world will be a better place. As a people we must also learn to solve our problem using love and peaceful means rather than war.

What makes that message more important is the beautiful flowers that surrounds the message placed in a small corner but speaking louder and appealing to the hearts of many that visit Keukenhof garden. And visitors visiting the garden who manage to glance that message could take it home if there is no other thing they could remember.

Keukenhof garden brings the much needed tourists to the Netherlands and just in two months the garden attracts approximately Two Million Eight Hundred Thousand visitors. According to literature, though this world peace garden known for tulips, Keukenhof is home to the world’s largest lily show, and this has been exhibited during the last 10 days of the opening season.

This year alone the garden had visitors from West Africa mainly journalists who had gone on a study tour of The Hague and the International Criminal Court (ICC). The dozens lay out and beautifully designed flowers put in row explains why peace and love is important.

The Netherlands exhibit a show of love. If there is no peace in that country over two million people would have visited that garden in just two months. The garden remains a perfect destination for tourists from across the world annually.

Amazingly, Keukenhofgarden do not display securities with guns or armed police men and women parading the garden. Visitors visit the garden with ease, stroll around and make time to have coffee and catch the glimpse of Dutch culture in shoe making and fish smoking. There is also the Giant Windmill that gives scenery needed for a perfect photo shoot.

With blossom flowers and the finest of tulips including the Black Tulip beautifully shape and curve to catch every eye that goes around the garden,Keukenhof represent the love and peace needed by the world. “Make Love and not War”.

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