Wonders of the 21st century: Man of god caught practicing immoral act in Church

By Seaman Dumbuya, Our Religious Repoter:

If anyone could ever imagine or associate an act of gay or immorality in the country, that will definitely not be within the church circles in Sierra Leone. But as the doctrine states when the end times approach, wonders shall always occur and this time it is happening right inside the so-called Pure Fire Miracle Ministry where a supposed ordained man of god and Gospel Musician, Pastor Henry Weah has transformed his church into a brothel of immorality.
As founder and supposed head of the Church, even his wife and other followers could believe his association with certain members of the church but they were surprised when a kind of intimacy started to grow stronger day by day with certain people especially men. The unholy alliance reached a peak that his wife could not trust him anymore especially when the Pastor allegedly cut off his marital duty with his wife at home.

Pastor Henry Weah’s good day in Church

According to Madam Nancy, ever since they marry, they have not behaving courtship at home not knowing that the husband prefers men than a legally married wife. The husband had been giving excuses of waiting for the right time. She got her surprised imagination when she caught her husband kissing and having an unholy affair with one Isaac Turay at the Church premises on the 4th of January 2019.
She couldn’t keep the secret to herself and decided to share it to where it was already a no secret. Madam Nancy’s alarm triggered a precarious situation and little did she knew, history started to trace her supposed husband back from his birth place of Liberia. According to investigations by this medium, this same homosexual act drove him away from Liberia when the youth association of new Kroo Town were threatening to kill him due to his canal behaviors.
In Freetown, one of his former Church Members, Dauda Kamara could also not wait for this to pass. He confirmed to Standard Times that Pastor Henry Weah had approached him in the past for this same homosexual affairs but could not agree to his “filthy” practices but had to turn away from the Church for another one.
Report states that he could not only stop his act to adults but also minors in the community. He allegedly abused a 17-year-old boy in his Community and presently neighbors and community members are desperate to see him and teach him a bitter lesson. They even mobilized to burn down the Church of Pastor Henry but they were prevented by the police.
The shame could not allow Pastor Henry to cope. Immediately he heard of his name being exposed, he escaped especially when the elders and the members of the Pure Fire Ministry were shocked of the news and are presently planning to denounce his position and expel him from the Church.

Published 18th September 2019

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