Search for Gibril Vandy intensifies

By Joseph Boima

Gibril Vandy a civil Activist in Banaleh Village, Malen Chiefdom in the Pujehun District Southern Sierra Leone, whose way about cannot be ascertained, will be blessing his stars each passing day and each moment he breathes wherever he maybe hibernating, as security forces and local vigilantes loyal to Paramount Chief Kebie II of Malen Chiefdom with support from SCOFIN Management, an Agricultural Company intensifies their search for him leaving death threat messages within the community.

Gibril discussing with the land owner in the village before he was chased out

Though different news continues to itinerant the airwaves, of his been killed by secret thugs of the company and buried somewhere in the forest, local stakeholders perceived him to be hibernating somewhere in Sierra Leone specifically surrounding villages within the chiefdom.

On the 21st January 2019, security forces and local vigilantes aggressively raided Gibril’s village of Banaleh, and the surrounding villages in the chiefdom at Malen in search of him leaving a threat to kill any family suspected of hiding the young man. Villagers were mercilessly beaten, houses vandalized and the house of Gibril’s family razed to the ground in Banaleh.

Appallingly, this is not the first time such raid has been conducted by the said group under the instructions of the Paramount Chief, often revered by all and sundry in the chiefdom, as in April 2019, these forces raided the villages inflicted injuries on the villagers or anyone that is suspected to have linked with Gibril who now the Paramount Chief has declared wanted dead or alive, an enemy of his administration. This has always been the scenario and predicament of the villagers since SCOFIN Agriculture Company forcefully grabbed their farm lands without their consent.

According to an eye witness account who asked for anonymity said, the security forces and local vigilantes always attacked them at night with weapons saying they are working upon the instructions of the Paramount Chief and the Management of SCOFIN to wipe out all collaborators of Gibril Vandy. I saw the label of the company on one of the security guys, when they were ruthlessly beating Gibril’s mother, brother and uncle with sticks, she said in tears. The whole community is in pandemonium and fear for their lives, each night we heard screaming and sometimes saw blood stains on the ground and body parts in the bushes, the anonymous speaker averred.

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