Standard Bureau certifies Pee Cee & Sons products as safe

May 12, 2020 Off By StandardTimes Newspaper

The Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Sierra Leone Standard Bureau have certified all Pee Cee and Sons food products in the local market as safe and fit for human consumption according to our investigation on recent media reports about expired food products flooding the market.

According to Standards Bureau of the Ministry of Trade and Industry all imported food products by pee Cee and sons into the country have been duly tested in a laboratory and certified for sale in the Sierra Leonean market and all of their warehouses stocks visited do not have any expired food product as claimed in some sections of the media.

Our reporters visited the Dove cut and Kroo town Market where they found out that all pee Cee and Sons food products especially the popular SIMON Chicken and confidence sausage is in high demand by consumers because of the quality and affordability of the food products.

“Pee Cee and Sons food products are the best in the market because of the affordability, quality and taste as most of my customers buy pee cee and sons food products for home consumption” Mabinty Sesay a 33 year old trader at Dove Cut Market said

Pee Cee and Sons  food products in our market are not expired and they are safe for consumption, she told our reporter

A retailer at Kroo Town Market Ya Marie Sesay who have been selling food products from pee Cee and sons for over 10 years said “I have not received any complaint from any of my numerous customer about pee Cee and Sons food products about expiry date.”

The Chicken and sausage from pee Cee and Sons is good for consumers as most people like to buy it to prepare delicious food for the home, restaurant and parties and they are always happy with the products Ya Marie Sesay explained.

Housewife Adama Kamara says she has been buying Pee Cee and sons food products for many years to cook for his family with no problem.

Established in 1964, Pee Cee & Sons (PCS) is one of the leading and largest distribution and marketing companies for food products in Sierra Leone and Liberia with world-renowned brands for a variety of frozen, chilled, dry food and non-food products from United States of America.

The company offers customers with quality and affordable food products for wholesale and retail sectors with integrated set up from procurement, import logistics, clearing, warehousing, distribution and final sales to the consumer.

The company operates within the length and breadth of Sierra Leone offering top quality products from around the world to your fingertips certified by the Sierra Leone Standards Bureau and the Ministry of trade and industry and other International partners.