Political Conspiracy as SLPP boycott State Opening of Parliament

….Organized by John Benjamin and Co.

Whether it was done to instill fear in the APC Government or in anticipation to protect some of their key supporters that would be arrested is left to be seen. What is evident from yesterday’s tripartite meeting involving three political parties out of more than six registered parties in the country is that two of them have giving their support to the Sierra Leone People’s Party(SLPP) to frustrate police investigation, arrest perpetrators of the Bo and Kono incidents that took place on the 3rd &9th September 2011 and protect some members of the party perceived as prime suspects in the burning, killing and violent behaviour that puntuated the visit of the SLPP flagbearer to Bo.

John Benjamin and Charles MArgai who organized the conspiracy not to attend the State Opening of PArliament

The outcome of the tripartite meeting among the three political parties, namely SLPP, NDA and the PMDC documented in the form of a press release portrayed, especially those who appended their signatures on the document in a state of confused minds and dilemma. While they are accusing the Ernest Koroma APC Government of holding back Commission reports, citing the Shears Moses as one among the lot, they are also crying foul. It would be recalled that during the presentation of the findings of the Bo and Kono unfortunate events, President Koroma urged the Office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice to visit the Shears Moses report and take the necessary action. It therefore comes as a surprise to members of the public to learn that the Shears Moses report was  being mentioned as one of the Commission reports that the Opposition parties are making reference to at this time, when the expectation is that modalities may have been put in place for necessary action.

What is considered a political conspiracy without any iota of suspicion by some key members of the other political parties (PMDC &NDA) is the effort of the SLPP to bring onboard the two Executive Members and other members from the same region of the other political parties to endorse the press release issued out after the conference

Mr. Charles Margai, the self appointed and life-long leader of the People‘s Movement for Democratic Change(PMDC) and Mr. Alex Brihim Matthew Kaikai Information Secretary of the National Democratic Alliance(NDA) are both from the same region and speak the same language. Sources say it was easy for John Benjamin and his political clique to bring them on board to achieve his party objective and instill fear in the ruling government to make its promises and stance against violence insignificant and meaningless to the people and protray the government as sound and fury signifying nothing

Having knowlegde that some of their key supporters are the  perpetrators of the unhealthy saga in Bo, they have expressed concern about the outcome of the arrest

“We are also concerned about the effect that the arrest of over 40 party stalwarts might cause in a large city like Bo. Meanwhile the parties are calling on all their members and supporters to remain calm and be law abiding „ It is unclear whether their intention is to incite their supporters to obstruct the process or planning otherwise as it is now clear that they are not only jittery, but their prouncements point to the fact that they are guilty of the ugly incident in Bo and are now using every strategy, politically or otherwise to protect those that would be caught in the net.

As is very usual, and a common practice to the SLPP to walk out of Parliament since the coming to power of the APC, the party is calling on all its Members of Parliament to make themselves conspiciously absent from the Opening of Parliament today. This has been a common trait in them that is most time exhibited to showcase their political ego at the detriment of their voters. It may not be a shock or surprise to notice their absence today in the Opening of Parliament as this is not the first time nor would it be the second to see SLPP Members of Parliament behaving contrary to the expectation of the public. The most recent were the last Budget Debate in Parliament, the confirmation of Presidential nominees and others.



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