Shadow Mineral Company may face Le1. 25 Billiion damages and cost

…Next Tuesday set as deadline

A Mining Company calling itself Shadow Minerals may soon be indicted by the Industrial Court if its owners fail to comply with the 11th Tuesday, 2011 deadline giving to them by Lawyer Leon Jenkins Johnston. The Company is located at 82 Sir Samuel Lewis Road and has been involving in what some officials of the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources refer to as questionable mininig activities in Kono.

With claims of lack of proper mining documents and licenses from the required government department, the Company is accused of illegal mining activities, maltreatment of Sierra Leonean employees and human right abuses. A recent case of human right abuse has been referred to Lawyer Leon Jenkins Johnston of Ayotunde Chambers 4 Percervil Street and a deadline already giving to them, demanding compliance of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security Act, failing which; litigation would be the next option as clearly stated in a letter dated 5th October, 2011 sent to the Headquarters of the Company at 82, Sir Samuel Lewis Road in Aberdeen.

Mr. Christopher S. Mondeh was  employed as the Company Station Manager and rose to the rank of  Assistant Director of Operations. On 26th March, 2011 while carrying out his official assignment during normal working hours he had a accident with one of the Company Motor Bikes, which left him with a broken right foot and sustained multiple body injuries. This unfortunate development that occured with Mr. Christopher S.Mondeh has now left him in a state of deformity, which the Ministry is fully aware of as the matter was referred to them for action, but to the dismay of the victim officials of the Labour Ministry and Social Security shunned him and gave their support to  Shadow Minerals, a clear contravention of the Workers Compensation Ordinance of 1954.

To worsen the already bad situation of Mr. Christopher S. Mondeh, the Shadow Minerals held back wages and salary of the victim for the months of June, July and August and ended up terminating his service while he was suffering from acute pain and stress at home as he was unable to meet with his hospital bills.Lawyer Leon Jenkins Johnston has told Shadow Minerals that they maliciously and unlawfully, despite his client‘s condition terminated his service on 30th August, 2011 without prior notice or payment in lieu thereof „Consequent upon all the foregoing, „we are left with no doubt that you are liable in negligence, breach of contract and breach of statutory duty of our client, for which you must pay him damages or compensation“ The letter states

He went further  to catergorize and referenced Legal Authorities of cases that are similar to that of Mr. Christopher S. Mondeh and demanded that if the Company fails to take cognisance of its responsibility to his client, he would be left with no option, but to institute legal and appropriate action on behalf of his client.

The Shadow Minerals is requested to pay backlog salaries owed from June to August 2011, compensation for the broken foot and injuries sustained by Mr. Christopher S.Mondeh and damages for breach of contract and for  wrongful dismissal of the Assistant Operations Manager. It is not known whether the Company will comply to the Tuesday 11 deadline or wait for the legal action to be instituted.

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