Jolaks provides Le28million for Flooding-Mitigation …2020 CDAP supported projects

June 30, 2020 Off By admin

By Abu Bakarr Kargbo  

Jolaks Manufacturing Company has received lots of commendation from members of Constituency 115 for standing by them in addressing development issues. The company has taken the lead in mitigating floods and other related issues to save lives and properties. As a way of gratifying the unwavering supports of Jolaks Company in the entire flooding-mitigation exercise that comprises the construction of 50-meter drainage, in conjunction with a massive cleaning of drainages and culverts within the length and breadth of Ward 405, the right Honorable Bah and Councillor Tholley expressed their profound thanks and appreciation to Jolaks Company for their timely intervention in providing the necessary resources that aided the construction of 50-meter drainage, and the provision of cleaning equipment, making a lump sum of Le28, 000, 000 (twenty-eight millions Leones) in these trying times as Sierra Leoneans continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic.

At a community dialogue forum that brought about over fifteen youth organizations from Ward 405 ahead of the second phase of the Jolaks 2020 (Community Development Action Plan) CDAP supported projects, Jolaks was singled out by various speakers for the company’s relentless effort in supporting development activities in its area of operations.

The meeting on Sunday 28th June 2020 was attended by the member of parliament for Constituency 115, Hon. Lawyer Alpha Amadu Bah; together with his astute local representative, Councillor Mohamed J. Tholley to mitigate flooding within Ward 405 and its immediate environs.

The meeting saw community people embarking on a massive flood-mitigation exercise; targeting water Street, Banana Water, Red Gate, Taylor Street, Peacock Farm, and many more disaster-prone areas that are known to have registered one of the worst record-breaking disasters during last year’s devastating flood in Wellington.

Jolaks is committed to preventing ugly occurrence through the stimulating of community interest amongst residents of Ward 405 in finding solutions to their problems.

Over two hundred youths, drawn from Taylor Street Youths Organization, Community Youths for Development Organization, Intelligent Guys, X4D Gees, PFH, Water Street Youths Organization, Mansaray Lane Youths Organization, and many more within the nook and cranny of Ward 405 took part in the all-important exercise. These forward-looking youths were seen in all the drainages and culverts; clearing the mountainous chunks of impediments; together with Honourable Bah and Councilor Tholley as they sort to change the ambiance of the entire Ward 405 to hygienic and enviable looks.

According to one of the youth representatives- Ibrahim N’jai from the Community Youths for Development Organization, he revealed to this medium that the flooding-mitigation exercise is part of the yearly philanthropist gesture of Jolaks through Honourable Bah and Councillor Tholley.

In another related development, Honourable Bah in fulfilling one of his commitments to residents of Peacock Farm Community graced the turning of the sod ceremony at Peacock Farm Community in the presence of Community stakeholders for the construction of 50-meter drainage in Peacock Farm that was launched about a week ago.