Massive restructuring at Health Ministry

By Mohamed Konneh

Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation (11) in collaboration with the Chief Medical Officer has summoned all Directors and Program Managers of the Ministry to inform them about government’s directives of reforming the ministry.

Only recently, government has been concerned about the activities of certain Ministries, Department and Agencies thus calling for a massive reformation for effective and efficient service delivery.

 Addressing senior officials in the ministry’s conference hall at Youyi Building in Freetown, Dr. Amara Jambai said, the ministry is going through series of transformation as a strategy to improve on the general healthcare services across the country.

He further noted that the reformation process is not to create problems for anybody but rather to ensure that the appropriate healthcare services are delivered on time especially at this moment when the country is fighting against the coronavirus pandemic.

“This meeting is called because we want to have voices from various departments as to how we should go about this reformation process, those who have not been active will see this process as a witch-hunts but restructuring process is not about victimising people”.

“This process has to start from the bottom; we are looking at the change of policy. This ministry has been battling with recruitment of health workers. If we don’t restructure, our people will not have proper healthcare services,” he said, adding that now that they have the opportunity this is the best time heads of departments should imput into the process for proper coordination.

“Government and its development partners are spending a lot of money into the healthcare system, this has to be reflected on the people,” he said.

The Chief Medical Officer, Rev Cannon Dr.  Thomas T. Samba explained that they already created a team of managers in order to work on the reformation process, adding that the reformation of the health ministry is significant to health service delivery; and called for the active participation of all Program Managers and Directors in the process as the reformation exercise is in line with government’s policy on service delivery.

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