Publicity Campaign Awareness to increase connection to Three Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Makeni, Bo & Kenema

By Mohamed Konneh

The Sierra Leone Water Company (SALWACO) concluded Publicity Campaign on water connections and paying of bills in Makeni, Bo and Kenema cities

It could be recalled that the Publicity Campaign started on the 29th May and ended on the 5th June 2020 in the three towns, Makeni, Bo and Kenema.

Speaking during the Publicity Campaign, the Stakeholder and Media Relations Manager who also doubles as the Acting Company Secretary, Mary Mansaray Ngegba stated that the main purpose of the SALWACO Publicity Campaign was for customers to know that the gigantic Water Treatment Plants (WTP) in the three cities were completed and that clean and germs free water  was ready for consumption.  All that was needed was for the people get connected to the pipe networks within the three cities.  The slogan “CONNECT TO SALWACO WATA. SALWACO WATA CHIP EN GUD FOR DRINK” was printed on T-shirts, banners and fliers.

She continued that the five thousands (5000) connections target was not achieved in the first phase of the the project because of inadequate plumbering staff strength of the Company in the three cities. The second phase of the project had an aspect of youth empowerment. In this light, NAYCOM was contracted to train forty (40 ) youths in each city as plumbers to augment the staff for internal plumbering. These were trained by OIC and Eastern Polytechnic. They will were the T-shirts while doing their job.

Madam Ngegba continued that, these were to form small business groups after training to assist SALWACO to meet the 5000 target and beyond and also to fulfill the youth  job creation aspect of the project.

She noted, now that there are one hundred and twenty (120) trained plumbers. SALWACO after this campaign is sure of hitting the target and beyond.

 The Publicity Campaign was done through Radio discussions in three radios stations in the three towns and the audience were able to asked questions and comments in relation to water connections.

Meanwhile, many residents in those three cities are now connected to SALWACO water because of the sensitization from youth plumbers and the Publicity Campaign.

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