State House investigates sack at NATCOM …Information Minister and DG worried

By Abu Bakarr Kargbo

Daniel Kaitibie, NATCOM Director General

The dismissal of seventeen professional staff at the National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM) has become a cause for concern by no less a person than the number one Gentlemen of the state, President Julius Maada Bio who has ordered for a thorough investigation to be conducted to ascertain reasons for the action. State House Sources revealed that the President summoned the Director General with his Deputy to brief him on the reasons for the dismissal\of the seventeen professional staff. Although the two administrative heads had said it was a board decision, no minute or document was presented stating when and where the board met to take such a decision. A member of the NATCOM Board, who preferred anonymity, disclosed that there has never been a board meeting to take such a decision. As to where and who ordered the sack of the seventeen workers is something State House is trying to ascertain. NATCOM sources say this latest move by State House has led to the Minister of Information and Director General becoming worried, thinking that the outcome of the investigations may hurt them if they are found wanting.

It is now clear that NATCOM has again come under the spot light for all the bad reasons. Since President Bio came to power two years ago, he appointed Maxwell Massaquio as the new Director General of NATCOM. Report gathered reveals that it was all going well until late last year when the Deputy Director General, Daniel Bobson Kaitibi allegedly played along with the Information Minister, Mohamed Rado Swaray to disrupt the reign of Mr. Massaquio. 

It is evidently clear that President Bio has fore knowledge of the brouhaha that has ensued at NATCOM for too long, where Directors signed protest letter against their former boss, and where a diabolical story was manufactured against their former boss and presented to State House that led to the replacement of Mr. Massaquio bringing in his Deputy Daniel Kaitibi

“Mr. President, the sacking of 17 workers at NATCOM without any justification reveals the polarity of hatred and division and a ploy to make your Government look bad in the eyes of the public and the World at large. These 17 workers committed no crime that warrants the Information Minister to order the Director General Daniel Kaitibi and Acting Board Chairman Madam Madiana Samba to just terminate the services of 17 staff,” sources say noting that what is happening today at NATCOM is a novelty to Sierra Leoneans and even under the APC such unlawful mass sacking was never done.

A Senior Telecoms Expert revealed recently that the problem at NATCOM is bigger than what the President sees but easier to solve if only he wants peace to reign. “It will also surprise the President to know that the Minister and the Board are the major problem affecting the growth of the Commission and he needs to do something now before things gets out of hands,” the Expert said and questioned that “should the Minister see NATCOM as his backyard that he just wakes up in the morning and orders the DG and the Board to sack, suspend and terminate anybody?”. 

It is no more a secret that what is happening at NATCOM is no different from what happened at MARITIME. Perhaps this is why the President has decided that an investigation be done to know the root cause of all this problems.

NATCOM’s Director of Corporate and Industrial Affairs, Abdul Ben Foday had said the Commission had taken a decision long time ago to do an organizational realignment, to reform, re-engineer and to recalibrate for effective service delivery. “That’s just what has been carried out, “he said and quoted the NATCOM Act as stated “…..In the performance of its functions…..the Commission shall not be subject to the direction or control of any person or authority…” (Investigations continue).

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