SALWACO ends 3 days retreat in Bo

By Mohamed Konneh

SALWACO MD issuing certificate to Deputy water Resources Minister

The Management of the Sierra Leone Water Company (SALWACO) including Station Managers, Engineers and Commercial Officers have ended a 3 day retreat in Bo city.

The retreat was held at Beacon Lodge in Bo city. The retreat which was chaired/facilitated by the Company’s Stakeholder and Media Relations Manager Mrs. Mary M. Ngegba and Regional Manager South Mr. Denis Macavorey ended with award of certificates to all Stations for positive performance and a golden trophy given to the best performing Station (Makeni Station).

In his statement, the Managing Director of SALWACO, Mr. Joseph Munda Sandi welcomed the Deputy Minister of Water Resources for making a timely and resounding appearance on the third day of the retreat.

He said that the New Direction Government has passion for the water sector and therefore encouraged his team to use this opportunity in doing a great job.

 He reiterated thus; “In the last six months, we have reached more people than ever, we have supplied more water than ever, we have connected more households than ever, we have generated more revenue than ever but we have more to do now than ever. We have the required qualified human resource, we are committed to duty, we are passionate about what we do even with the meagre salaries, with seven projects going on simultaneously: six towns and Bonthe Municipality projects, WE HAVE NO EXCUSE, WE HAVE NO TIME TO WASTE. 2020 mandate is accelerated delivery. We have all show commitment and dedication to duty. Let us be proud of ourselves and be reminded that we are working for the downtrodden,  the less privileged and the voiceless so that when we shall have left the stage, the clap of our admirers will be thunder loud and our children yet unborn will be gratified and proud to know what we stood for”.

He continued saying, “My passion is for everyone to get access to clean and safe drinking water. We want SALWACO to be the best water agency in West Africa”, he said.

Mr. Sandi said the retreat will help the Agency to look at areas that are deprived and others that need to be improve upon.

He then heartily welcomes the Minister and asked her to spend some time with the staff to get a feel of the Company’s engagement.

Before her keynote address, the Deputy Minister of Water Resources, Hon. Nimatulai Bah-Chang expressed how impressive she was at knowing that the Company had such qualified and able staff to run such a treat.

She said she expected expatriates from outside, but “this local content is exceptionally excellent”.

In her address, she applauded the Managing Director and his team for this initiative, adding that this gives support to the Ministry‚Äôs mandate which is not only  to formulate and implement policies for the development and Management of water sector, but to also ensure that  the sector is managed in the best way possible.

The Deputy Minister said that President Bio’s aspirations and determination in providing safe and clean drinking water was made clear on page 21 of the SLPP Manifesto on increasing access to water supply and on page 101, paragraph 3.3 of the Medium Term National Development Plan 2019-2023 on improving water infrastructure respectively.

Madam Bah-Cheng continued that on the 28th May 2020, during the State Opening of the third Session of the Fifth Parliament of the second Republic of Sierra Leone, President Bio re-echoed on improving water infrastructure in the country.

She added that the Minister of Water Resources Ing. Philip K. Lansana has signed a performance Contract with the President and that they will make sure to live up to the contract that was sign.

The retreat was climaxed by award of certificates by the Deputy Minister to all 14 SALWACO stations.

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