Face Mask remains key to the fight against Corona Virus …Says Bike Riders Chairman in Leicester Village

By Mohamed Konneh 

The Chairman of the Bike riders in Leicester Village Abdulai Bangura has said face mask remains a key tool in fighting the Corona virus that is present in the country.

Mr. Bangura was speaking during community sensitization about the use of face mask and in general protection against the virus.

He said all bikes plying the Fourah Bay College, Leicester village and IMMAT have been instructed to use face mask or face a fine of one hundred thousand Leones.

“This is something we don’t compromise, the government has instructed that we use face mask for not only our own protection but to protect other people as well. We don’t joke with it and it is something we enforce on daily basis, he said.”

We have been thought how to use the face mask and we expect everybody to abide by these rules and regulations. We also have veronica buckets at various stations for the washing of hands, he said.

The Leicester Bike Riders Chairman said the sensitization session was good because a number of riders who do not understand how to use the face mask now knows how to use it.

“We now know that we should not touch the front view of the face mask with our hands and make sure at the end of the day for us using cloth mask should wash it. Those using medical mask should only use it once, he said.”

Other bike riders at the session express thanks and appreciation while noting that they have learnt a lot from the sessions and will abide by the rules and regulations.

At the Model Parking grounds for both vehicles and bikes, the session attracted more riders and onlookers who were eager to understand and to know the importance of face mask and it use.

One rider who expresses his dissatisfaction in the use of face mask bold to say he thought it was just a way of controlling people.

He said the use of face mask is uncomfortable and that he is one person against it use.

“But after the sensitization I have now realized that it is for our own protection. This is the more reason why we need these kinds of education because we still have people who do not believe that Corona is real.

One key message during the sensitization was a quote from an American scholar who says, “When life gives you lemons make lemonade. And when you need to wear a face mask – well, why not make it a beautiful one.

On 31st MARCH 2020 Sierra Leone recorded it first corona virus case leading to a number of restrictions. Before the advent of the virus much of the world face mask was a no-nonsense medical tool. But today as the pandemic drags on face mask has becomes daily attire across the globe and Sierra Leone is no exception.

The face mask sensitization is part of effort by the Emergency Operation Center now the National Corona Virus response center (NARCOVERC) to scale up the fight against the corona virus. Media practitioners including civil society and vulnerable groups have been trained on the use of face mask and other guidelines in fighting the virus.

Journalists were deployed in various areas to continue the sensitization and to educate community people especially groups like bike riders, Keke riders who on daily basis interact with the public. 

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