‘Presidential clemency’ 153 convicts get presidential pardon

By Mohamed Konneh

Released inmates walking out of Pademba Prisons as Deputy Information Minister looks on

A total of One Hundred and Fifty Three convicted inmates were on Tuesday 21st July 2020 released across the country under the presidential clemency. The number released was amongst the Two Hundred and Thirty Five (235) inmates who were granted Presidential Prerogative of Mercy for April 27.  One Hundred and Fifty Three (153) inmates were still in custody at the different Correctional Centres waiting their release.

On Tuesday 21st they were released to go home and back to their different destinations.

Sheku Mohamed Sheriff is among released inmates and was very happy to taste freedom after three years in custody.

“I have spent over three years in custody serving jail term for house breaking and larceny. I was first jail in Kenema but later I was transfer here in Freetown. I was convicted for five years but thank God I am now free. Thanks to the President and the government for releasing me, he said.”

Pademba Road Maximum Prison saw the released of 19 inmates and most of them had only three months left on their jail term.

At the female Correctional center in Freetown, two female inmates were also released. Rugiatu was jail for Wounding with intent and was sentenced to 40 years but fortunately for her, she only served 3 years 8 months, while Hawa was jailed for receiving stolen goods and was sentenced for one year.

Hawa was pregnant when she came to the prison and gave birth to a bouncing baby girl on the 29th of April, 2020. She has served 7 months in jail and was lucky to be part of those released on Tuesday under the Presidential clemency.

Before the released on Tuesday, the Minister of Internal Affairs, David Panda-Noah said the released of convicts is part of efforts to decongest correctional centers across the country.

He said most of those released were serving jail for petty crimes and but have also been reformed and the reason why they have been released.

“We know most of them did wrong and the reason why they were jail. We do not condone criminals but the fact that they have been reformed and most of them expressed willingness to be good people in society we deem it fit to released them”.

He said the list of inmates did not come from his office neither from the president, but was put together by the committee that sits on this matter. With the committee’s recommendation the list was vetted and we are here today to make the released of 153 inmates.

“As we all know the prisons are no longer a place, where people are sent to die or get worsen. That is why it is now called correctional Service. Convicts sent to these centers go through rehabilitation and when they come out they are now reform. There are lots of capacity activities within the centers and that the management is doing well in this direction”, he said.

He said most convicts have learnt carpentry, shoe making, and lot more. Some are in agriculture while serving jail and most other have learnt tailoring.

These are among reforms in the Sierra Leone Correctional Service and most have gone through and we are happy they are now going back to society as better people, Mr. Panda-Noah said.

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