Rado Yokie and fourteen others relocate to Pademba Prison

By Unissa Bangura

The  Freetown Magistrate Court No.2 presided over by Mr. J.O.Wellington who has been recently promoted as a High Court Judge was yesterday filled to the brim when some accused persons of the unenviable Bo saga were brought to court  in handcuffs to respond to criminal charges of Arson, Malicious Damage, Conspiracy and Riotous Conduct.

Among the accused persons arrested in relation to the Bo episode that left three houses including the APC office burnt down, several individuals injured and a Bike Rider killed was the infamous and unpopular SLPP Member of Parliament named Mr. Foday Rado Yokie of Constituency Sixty Eight (68) as the 13th accused person. The indictment papers state that the Member of Parliament allegedly conspired with other accused persons to burn down the office of the All Peoples Congress Party, situate and lying at Mabioma Road in Bo on 9th September, 2011.

Rado Yokie relocated to Pademba Road maximum prisons

Other accused persons are Amidu Mansaray, Osman Jalloh, Alhaji Abdulai Sesay, Maada Amara Conteh, Ibrahim Conteh aka Saccoh, Mustapha Massaquoi, Mohammed Kamara, Josie S. Manga, Foday Jakima, Dauda Kamara, Abdulai Bangura, Patrick Zombo and Dauda and Kenneth Coker were all docked for riotious conduct, Conspiracy and other related offenses.

The Secretary General of the SLPP Mr. Sulaiman Banja Tejan-Sei was the lead Defence Counsel that appeared for the accused persons and submitted application for bail to be granted to the accused persons.

The application for bail was opposed to by the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mr. Frank Bai Kargbo, who informed the court that investigation is still in progress and more accused persons are expected to be apprehended for  similar offences and subsequently charged to court anytime from now.

The Attorney and Minister of Justice further expressed fear that there is likelihood the accused persons may interfere with prosecution witnesses if granted bail and referred to the seriousness of the offences, to which he emphasized that the accused persons deserve no bail.

Having listened to the Attorney General and Minister of Justice and the lead Counsel for the Defence Team, Lawyer Banda Tejansie, Magistrate Wellington in his ruling weighed both sides and the seriousness of the offences under which the accused persons have been charged and refused to grant bail “I will not grant bail until the first prosecution witness starts to give evidence before the court” Magistrate Wellington remarked.  All accused persons have been relocated to the Pademba Road Maximum Prison until Thursday October 13, 2011when they would make their second appearance in court

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