Padi shares happiness with Riders and pedestrians

November 25, 2020 Off By StandardTimes Newspaper

Pee Cee and Sons Limited continues to showcase its one in a million Padi products, which have proven to be the best across the country. Thousands of Bike (Okada) and Tricycle (Keke) Riders as well as pedestrians showered praises towards the sumptuous meal provided that were prepared with Padi Products. Some of the products used were Padi Mayonnaise, Padi Spaghetti, Padi Tomato Paste, and Padi Seasoning Cube (Padi Maggi). There was a mad-rush for the food in some major points in the city, where the consumers shower praises to the Padi products. They revealed that they are happy to see Padi brands in the ongoing Big Sister Salone Season II.

Padi Brand Promoters encouraged the beneficiaries to make good use of their products, which are healthy, reliable, and affordable to all classes of people. “We are bringing to you the best products so far in Sierra Leone. We assure you that they are readily available in the market at all times,” they assured and added that the products have come to occupy the spaces left behind by other similar products in the market. 

It could be recalled on Wednesday last week, a similar donation was made by Pee Cee and Sons to the Saint Joseph’s Secondary School in Freetown as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility. Pee Cee Officials distributed Padi Products like Padi Biscuit, Padi Mayonnaise, Padi Spaghetti, Padi Cocoa, Padi Tea, etc. The said Padi products are amongst several other Padi cooking, food, and soap products that are currently found all over the country.

The new Padi Products are now available at affordable costs and they are consumed in most homes and other places for their good taste and health benefits.

Pee Cee and Sons is the sole distributor of the best Padi products like: Padi Mayonnaise, Padi Cooking Oil, Padi rice (both 25 kg and 50kg), Padi Biscuit, Padi spaghetti, Padi tomato Ketchup, Padi Cocoa, Padi Tomato paste, Padi seasoning cube (Padi Maggi), Padi Teabags, etc.