Drunk driving causes 5 Vehicles to perish

Madam Finda Koroma may be a worried woman, pleading with vehicle owners and trying to settle costs of repairs relating to five vehicles that were ruthlessly damaged by two officers, namely Sgt. Sankoh and Police Constable 1166 popularly known for short Ernest. Both officers are believed to be Security Guards and attached to State House.
It was a sad Saturday 8th October, 2011 for vehicle owners with registration numbers ACX 752, ADV 828, AFL 964, ADU 033 and ABS 985 when a black jeep with registration number ACP 457 driven by Police Constable (PC) 1166 Ernest believed to be under the influence of alcohol while reversing to make an exit at the main entrance of the Arankan Officer’s Mess at Wilberforce lost control of his vehicle and hit a vehicle with registration number AFL 964 that eventually led to multiple hits and subsequently damage four vehicles ACX 752, ADV 828, , ADU 033, ABS 985 that were lined up behind each other; the newly constructed demarcation fence of the Mess also received its taste of drunk driving.

Eye witness states that the sad incident took place at around 7.45 PM last Saturday when both Guards Sgt. Sanko and Police Constable 1166 Ernest boarded their vehicle with registration number ACP 457 after spending over two hours at the Arankan Mess Bar gulping down some liquid contents that reduced their driving alertness and consciousness. Reportedly they were not able to properly position themselves to drive safely as a result lost control of their vehicles and hit the vehicles of customers who were also at the Officer’s Mess interacting with friends and holding family discussions.
The customers, some Military Officers and Civil Servants, were taken by surprise as they heard a deafening sound of the vehicle that has lost control and systematically hitting the others.
The Military Police were immediately called upon to rescue and investigate the cause of accident as it took place on military premise. On their arrival, both Sgt. Sankoh and PC 1166 Ernest refused to make statements to them claiming that they are Guards attached to State House
While Police Constable 1166 Ernest was pleading with vehicle owners for an amicable settlement, his colleague Sgt. Sankoh was seen molesting people, saying that the onlookers have no business to be holding discussions and family meetings at the Officers Mess with their vehicles parked outside. “It hinders other vehicles wanting to leave the premise, and referred to them as politicians who are holding political meetings and not enjoying themselves. “Give me the estimate for the repairs of the five vehicles, I will provide you the funds the next day” Sgt. Sankoh remarked boastfully.
The uncomplimentary and disrespectful comments of Sgt.Sankoh did not go down will with owners of the vehicles. They therefore requested the Military Police to refer the matter of careless and drunk driving to the Congo Cross Police Station for proper investigation that would ultimately lead to court action.
While owners of the damaged vehicles were discussing ways to involve the Congo Cross Police, Sgt. Sanko and PC 1166 Ernest called on Madam Finda Koroma who immediately materialized at the scene in a vehicle with registration number AEA 970 and pleaded with the Military Police and vehicle owners for the matter to be handed over to her and informed them she would be responsible for the costs of repairs of the five damaged vehicles and the fence.
Major Sesay also arrived at the scene and pleaded with the vehicle owners to exercise restraint as the matter will be handled, for the media not to pick up the story

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