ROBBERY WITH AGGRAVATION: “People’s Honorable looses Le152 million Leone

By Unissa Bangura
A popular socialite named “The People’s Honourable” should have been dead by now if he was not a lucky man to escape untimely death. Many citizens of this country don’t know the individual called “The People’s Honourable” and why he attributed and addressed himself with such title. However, those in the corridors of powers are aufait with the name and comfortable with the individual carrying the name and title.
On Monday 10th October, 2011 at the Freetown Magistrate Court No.2, presided over by Mr. J.O.Wellington the Complainant Mr. Chernor Bundu alias “The People’s Honourable” testified how he was robbed by Moses Hilton Borbor George, alias Junior Strasser and Mohammed Sesay valuable items and money.
Both Moses Hilton Borbor George alias Junior Strasser and Mohammed Sesay had appeared in Court on charges of Conspiracy contrary to law and Robbery with Aggravation.
According to the indictment documents in Court, the two accused persons on 21st September 2011 at Rawdon Street in Freetown in the Western Area of the Judicial District allegedly conspired together and violently robbed Mr. Chernor Bundu commonly known as “The People’s Honourable” various items including a laptop computer, gold chain, watch and a considerable amount of money. The items and money were estimated to the tune of Le152 Million.
It would be recalled that when this matter was reported at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), the suspects now standing trial as accused persons were arrested by the police and granted bail without due consideration of the alleged offence committed and the threat posed on the life of the Complainant. Sergeant Marrah attached to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) was invited by the Court on Monday 10th October, 2011 to explain why the accused persons were granted self bail, without considering the gravity of the alleged offence. Sergeant Marrah told the Court that his superiors granted self bail to the suspects while in their custody, which explanation smells fishy and suspicious, but was however released and allowed to return to his office. Both accused persons have been remanded in custody until the next adjourned date next week.
Lawyers associating with the Prosecution are Sulaiman Kabbah Koroma, Roland Nylander and others, while the accused persons are yet to consult their legal representatives. The offence of Robbery with Aggravation is a serious crime and if circumstantial and substantial evidence are adduced against the accused persons during the Preliminary Investigation(PI) at the Magistrate Court, the matter will be committed to the High Court for trial and if found guilty the accused persons would be sent to jail

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