Standards Bureau celebrates World Standards Day


 The West Africa Quality programme funded by the European Union and implemented by UNIDO on behalf of the  ECOWAS and UEMOA commission in collaboration with Sierra Leone Standards Bureau joined other countries in the world to celebrate on the 14th October the World Standards Day with the theme for this year “Creating Confidence Globally”. The one day workshop which took place at the Hill Valley Hotel in Freetown brought together members from the Private Sector, Government officials and Consumers. The goal of World Standards Day is to raise the awareness of the importance that national standards benefit consumers, manufacturer, policy makers and service providers as it accelerates the development of new products for economic development.

The Chairman Dr. Issac F. Palmer in his opening remarks said that 14th October each year is celebrated the world over as the World Standards day and that organizations and government commemorate this day to reflect on the efforts they have made in developing and maintaining Standard. The National Technical Coordinator of the West Africa Quality Programme, UNIDO Mr. Paul Kai Sam found the theme very interesting in paying tribute to the efforts of thousands experts worldwide who collaborated within the international Electrotechnical  Commission IEC, International Organization of Standardization IOS, and the international Union to develop voluntary international standards that facilitate trade. Mr. Sam appealed to service providers for quality standard, the goal of the programme being to contribute to a gradual integration of the West Africa region to the world economy by strengthening regional integration and trade, stressing the need for standardization; he added that the programme will continue to give support to the SLSB.

T he director for the Sierra Leone Standard Bureau Mr. James S. Dumbuya said that these standard are tools for building clarity mutual understanding and build global confidence as they provide benchmarks for national and regional regulations, and measurement tools to ensure compatibility of result through common analytic method. Director Dumbuya concluded by saying international standards can promote the transfer of new technologies by facilitating market access for innovation solution and providing confidence to users, noting that the SLSB has developed strategy to introduce a Product Certification Scheme.

Mrs.  Admira Sia Ganda, the Deputy Secretary at the Ministry of Trade and Industry gave the keynote address on behalf of the Minister of Trade; she maintained that standardization speeds innovation, facilitates trade, boosts consumers and government confidence in product and services, and that these standards will promote direct foreign investment to ensure fair trade, consumer protection, natural resources, and increased productivity; international standards, she stated, create an open and transparent environment that builds confidence in every participating stakeholder.

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