China Railway Seventh Group supports nation building in Sierra Leone

By Ishmael Kindama Dumbuya

By law and practice, any company or bigger institution is tasked with the responsibility of providing corporate social responsibilities to the communities in which such companies operate in the country. The latest to realize that their social responsibilities must be fulfilled is the China Railway Seventh Group who was awarded with the contract for the construction of major roads in the country
including the widening of the Wilkinson   Road and theSpur Road and Wilberforce.


The China Railway Seventh Group is keen at supporting national development since its starts operation in the country some four years ago and has been embarking on its corporate social responsibilities in a number of communities across the country. Some of its key supports to communities include the widening of the Waterloo Police Checkpoint with bulldozer under request of the Police
Headquarter, providing self-dumping trucks and front loaders to participate in the town cleaning for the 50th year anniversary in Sierra Leone assisting in doing the site clearing and levelling of a container parking area for military use with front loader at Cockril Military Barracks. The company also realized that cleanliness is the best practice to man and in this case they thought it necessary to help providing their excavator for the cleaning ofthe garbage for the Kingtom Dumping Site.

Considering how significant and important is football and social activities in the country, the company has also helped, as part of its responsibility, in the developing ofthe playing field for the Aberdeen Road community at the back of the newmarket. Part of the contract the government awarded the company are the constructions of the MaKeni-Matotoka highway which is about thirty-five kilometer distance, the Bo-Kenema Highway which is also about sixty-five kilometers, Port Loko-Lungi axis which consist of sixty-two kilometers and major roads in the city.

Information gathered from experts and engineers in Sierra  Leone proved and confirmed it that the ongoing Wilkinson Road construction programme would have been better expedited had the Sierratel and Guma Valley underground fittings would not have been the obstruction.

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