Man of God Whisked Bio to State House


Like the Holy Spirit led the brothers of Joseph to go and say thanks to him after supplying them with grains and food during the period of famine in Egypt so the religious leaders of the Body of Christ Church led Julius Maada Bio to State House yesterday to extend appreciation and recognized the newly re-elected democratic President of Sierra Leone

His Excellency Dr Ernest Bai Koroma received the leadership of the Sierra Leone’s People Party (SLPP) in audience at State House, Freetown.

In his brief welcome address, the newly re-elected Fountain of Honour and indomitable Father of the Nation said that he is welcoming the SLPP in his capacity as President of Sierra Leone after the successful conclusion of the November polls.
President Koroma told the defeated Presidential Candidate that the recently concluded elections were acclaimed by both national and international observers as free, fair, peaceful and largely credible. He called on the SLPP to have faith and believed that any political issue in the country falls under his purview as President of the Republic, adding that he believes that the SLPP should address their concerns through the right channels.
Making a brief statement, Brigadier Julius Maada Bio first of all addressed President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma as “His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma”. and recalled that when President Koroma arrived at the Credentials Hall, he (Maada Bio) stood up because he recognized him as the President and the first gentleman of the state.
The defeated SLPP flag bearer noted that his party and the APC are the oldest political parties in the country, adding that “no one should deny that fact”. He went on to state that the SLPP was committed to peace, law and order in the Sierra Leone.

One of the religious leaders sandwiched by Bio and President Koroma

Julius Maada Bio also said that he has issues about the outcome of the elections which, he believes, were seriously flawed and noted that in any democratic society, such concerns should be addressed, stating that it is his democratic right to do so. President Koroma later had a-one-to-one discussion with the defeated Presidential Candidate in the absence of leaders of the Body of Christ.





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