Request for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for Information Technology Solution for

Request for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for Information Technology Solution for

National Pharmaceutical Procurement Unit

Ministry of Health & Sanitation

Sierra Leone

Reference Number: NPPU/IT/2013/01

The Government of Sierra Leone is establishing the National Pharmaceutical Procurement Unit (NPPU). This project shall be co-financed by the Government of Sierra Leone and various donor agencies.


The purpose of NPPU is to act as an autonomous body responsible for the management of various pharmaceuticals for and on behalf of all public health facilities throughout Sierra Leone. The responsibility of NPPU includes:


  • Procurement of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.
  • Storage of pharmaceuticals at central and district warehouses.
  • Distribution of drugs and medical supplies to all Governmental hospitals and Peripheral Health Units (PHUs).


NPPU is establishing a demand driven supply chain to distribute a wide range of medicines to governmental hospitals and Peripheral Health Units (PHUs). Improved supply chain performance is seen as a key enabler for creating a sustainable operating model. The new supply chain solution will support the logistics operation. The solution will enable replenishment to the dispensing point as well as support the supplier tendering and procurement process. Key operational objectives for the new supply chain are:


  • Ensure availability of stock
  • Track and report stock distribution and consumption


To achieve the above objectives, a study of the current processes and IT systems has been performed to identify key requirements for the future supply chain system. The study resulted in the following prioritized areas, which are in the scope of this EOI:


  • Demand management: The system needs to have the ability to create and store forecast data. The system needs to have the capability to create a forecast based on historical consumption information and/or based on the collection of quantity needed information from different levels of the supply chain.
  • Replenishment: The above demand information will be used to create replenishments to each district warehouse and to each PHU as well as to create orders to suppliers to replenish the Central Medical Store. The system should automatically create suggestions of optimal replenishment orders between all stocking points given the supply network structure, stock levels, forecast/consumption data, min-max stock settings, transport capacity, storage capacity, seasonal pre-build requirements, etc.
  • Tendering & Procurement: The system should support the quantification process of the required volumes of drugs and medical supplies that need to be procured for the coming year. The system should also support the process of sending tender documents and purchase orders to suppliers.
  • Warehouse & Distribution Management: The system needs to support keeping track of the current inventory in each stocking location, including batch numbers and expiry dates. The solution should also provide picking lists according to the first expiry, first out principle.


Key functionalities that need to be supported across the solution are system support for:

  • Master Data Management, both on-line and off-line data input, maintenance of the supply chain model and customer information
  • Invoicing and transportation documentation, proof-of-delivery, etc.
  • Reporting of Key Performance Indicators for the supply chain, including follow-up reports used by donors
  • Ability to interface with ERP systems, bar code readers, mobile technology for data collection, etc.

The IT Solution provider must possess the following qualifications:

  • Relevant experience in providing IT solutions in the Supply Chain Management of pharmaceuticals. At least two years experience in similar assignments.
  • Relevant experience  in Africa
  • Provision of support services for solution users
  • Availability of training support  in Western Africa
  • Availability of qualified and experienced project personnel

The NPPU now invites eligible firms to indicate their interest in providing the IT Solution and related consulting services. Firms may associate to enhance their qualifications. Interested firms must provide listed information below to show that they are qualified to perform the assignment:

  • Vendor profile (focus areas, number of employees and typical qualifications and experience, office locations, number of customers in total and in Africa, year when offered software was first taken into live use, etc.). Enclose CVs for system configuration, data integration and project management personnel
  • Three references from similar projects (short description of each project and results achieved)
  • High level description of solution coverage for the scope described in this EOI
  • Description of available support and training services


Selection of the short list of firms will be done in accordance with the procedures set out in the National Public Procurement Act (NPPA) Act of 2004 and Regulations  of 2006 (

Interested organizations may obtain further information at the address and emails below during office hours (i.e. Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00 hours). Expressions of interest must be clearly marked “Expression of Interest for IT Solution and related consultancy services for management of pharmaceuticals to NPPU” to the address or e mails below not later than 21st June, 2013, 16:30 hours.

The Managing Director

National Pharmaceutical Procurement Unit

Ministry of Health and Sanitation

New England, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Tel: +232 78679786/232 78679766/232 337001

E-mail: sibeso.nkwilimba@ and copy to and

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