At Sierra Leone Embassy in Belgium….Former Junta Bank Governor in Financial Mess

The name Dr. Christian Kargbo is a very familiar one, especially when discussions relating to the atrocities committed by the AFRC junta regime of Johnny Paul Koroma. One individual whose name has always been prominently mentioned in most circles of debates is Dr. Christian Kargbo, the former Central Bank Governor who helped to sustain the AFRC in its illegal occupation of political power at State House through funds from the bank, until the regime was kicked out in 1998 by the Ecowas Military Force led by the late Maxwell Khobe.

Dr.Kargbo’s position as Governor of the Central Bank appointed by a regime that was totally opposed by both the local and international communities was not an enviable one, but he discountenanced all forms of criticisms and advice and served them until the eleventh hour, when they lost grip of the state of Sierra Leone and sent packing along the peninsula route

His appointment, as Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to Brussels by the ruling APC government has left those who had criticized him as an abuser of high office, and a disrespecter of state funds with the correct assessment and conclusion about this individual that President Koroma not long ago nominated to showcase Sierra Leone to the outside world as a country with decent and honest people.

On June 14th 2011, Dr. Kargbo proved himself to a group Belgian Police Officers that he can use any means available to him to humiliate and abuse his countrymen and even when advised by Home Office  not to do so.

The officers reportedly honoured his invitation, when they were called upon; not in support of him, but in line with their job descriptions to maintain law and order, serve the state and protect humanity.

Earlier, in a letter dated 26th May, 2011, Mr. J.T.A. Sawi of  the country’s  Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation had sent a letter of caution, advising Dr. Christian Kargbo to put on hold the termination of one of the Embassy Staff as the matter was receiving the attention of the Ombudsman Office and further informed him that the Office had already sent correspondences to the Foreign Office, on the grounds that the issue is being studied and that Headquarters decision would soon be communicated to him after consultations with various stakeholders “At the moment there is no strong justification that should warrant the dismissal of Mr. Kuyembeh, more so, being a Sierra Leonean in a foreign land” Ambassador Kargbo was told.

This piece of advice was not adhered to as his primary objective was how to get rid of those members of staffs he perceived as targets and not “belonging” to his political party. Instructions from Dr. Kargbo to the group of Belgian Law Enforcement Officers, despite warning from back home to forcefully evict Mr. Kuyembeh made headlines in some of the Belgian Newspapers, when they stormed the Embassy Compound, creating sad dramatic pictures that left onlookers doubting the Ambassador’s credibility and courage as an emissary of President Koroma of Sierra Leone.


An individual who believes in the doctrine of human right abuse and a disrespecter of administrative protocol to achieve his goal, a trait he exhibited when the AFRC appointed him as Governor of the Central Bank against the many advice of friends and relatives who escaped the onslaughts of the junta to neighboring Guinea, dismissed similar advice from other members of the Embassy Staffs to exercise maximum courage until the outcome of the matter from the Ombudsman Office, which would be conveyed to him, instead he enjoyed the ugly scenes he created.

The Belgian Officers stormed the Compound and demanded that Mr. Kuyembeh should take his exit. “Despite the protestations of other Diplomatic staffs as to the violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations the Ambassador insisted that the Police forcefully evict Mr. Kuyembeh” A letter dated 14th June, 2011 sent from Brussels to the Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation quoted.

Documentary evidence has suggested reasons as to why Ambassador Kargbo is uncomfortable with some members of staffs of the Embassy in Belgium. Some of the reasons are connected with reports that bother on huge financial fraud made to the Anti Corruption Commission that Dr. Kargbo has been allegedly engaged in, which is causing embarrassment to the foreign mission.


It is not known why the Anti Corruption Commission is refusing to rescue the meager resources of the State of Sierra Leone, instead “baby-sitting” Ambassador Dr. Kargbo while he keeps plundering the kitty to his advantage.


Documentary evidence with dates, detailing how Ambassador Kargbo has been siphoning money, using fake administrative methods to get his way around, monies  that should have been judiciously utilized by the mission find their way to his pocket.


In addition, the documents explain how he had sacked domestic staff he brought from Sierra Leone and collects their salaries without informing the Home Office in Freetown that the staffs are no more working for the mission in Belgium. How he claims to be attending conferences that have been described as fake; but collects per diem for these fake conferences.

All the piece of information with documentary proofs are reportedly in the domain of the Anti Corruption Commission, sadly Dr. Kargbo is seen as an important figure in the mind of Commissioner Mr. Joseph Kamara who has adopted no action to remedy the situation, thus causing the situation to degenerate every passing day and Ambassador Kargbo living in his own world telephone calls made yesterday to the Sierra Leone Embassy in an effort to cross the allegations and information contained in the documents that are in the possession of this medium were not responded to by the Press Attaché and other members of staff. One of the mission staff claimed that Dr. Kargbo was to busy to speak to the press in Sierra Leone

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