Sylvia Blyden Has Always Been Right

Sylvia Blyden Has Always Been Right

Sylvia Blyden Has Always Been Right

Sylvia Blyden Has Always Been Right

By Ekudayo Scott, Southampton, Britain.

I have been following the activities of the SLPP since the declaration of the 19 aspirants for the flagbearership unto the voting of Brigadier Julius Maada Bio, and I have come to realize that Dr Sylvia Blyden who is the only female publisher in Sierra Leone has always been right. It was this good lady who first blew the whistle on Maada Bio’s intension to grab the leadership of the SLPP at all cost.

Sylvia has always been my heroin because she has always been fearless in the face Maada Bio’s thugs who are known for attacking journalists and female supporters of other candidates. It was only Dr Sylvia Blyden who has been showing guts to check the many excesses of this former unqualified Brigadier. The secret meeting held during the convention among Maada Bio, John Benjamin and Isatu Jabbie-Kabbah once again confirmed Dr Blyden’s fear that Maada Bio wants power by “Pa-O-Pa nar Mende man fo head dis
party now” ( a Mendeman should lead this party by force). What an insult to
other Sierra Leoneans in the party.

No Sierra Leonean in his or her right sense was expecting Maada Bio to win that election because Usu Boi was more popular than him. Why did the delegates leave decent aspirants like Andrew Keili, Dr Kadi Sesay, Dr Alpha Sababu Wurie, Alpha Timbo and Momodu Koroma? It was just that the SLPP wanted to show its tribal makeup. Many of my African colleagues here in Britain keep asking me whether the SLPP delegates were out of their minds to elect a
human rights violator like Maada Bio. I keep asking myself why should a party
which always boasts of having human resource to elect a coup plotter and human rights violator and leave more decent people within its ranks. It really shows that the SLPP is not serious to take over State House in 2012.

When I read the Awareness website and learnt that Dr Sama warned delegates that there would be dire consequences if they do not vote for Maada Bio, my mind was taken back as to the reasons why Dr Banya had been going to war with Dr Sylvia Blyden because the latter has been exposing Dr Banya’s ploy of making his daughter the main concubine of Maada if he wins the presidency in 2012. Another question that is still eating me up is why should an old educated man like Dr Sama Banya allowed tribalism to enter his head to the extent of forcing some delegates to vote for a coup plotter who raped Sierra Leone’s
treasury before he handed power over to Tejan Kabbah in 1996.

Most Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora are now ashamed of the SLPP for leaving decent people like Andrew Keili, Dr Kadi Sesay, Dr Alpha Sababu Wurie, Alpha Timbo and Momodu Koroma and elect Maada Bio as their flagbearer. It is not only a shame to the SLPP but its present chairman John Oponjo Benjamin for allowing himself to be first abused by Maada Bio and latter allowed himself to be used by him because of tribal sentiments. I can also see the fingerprints of tribalists like Joe Kallon and Tamba Sam in the election of Maada Bio. As a Sierra Leonean who is concerned about true democracy in Sierra Leone,
I am greatly disappointed with the SLPP’s choice of Maada Bio as their flagbearer.  Imagine a decent man like Dr Alpha T Wurie polling two votes after all the energy and resources he poured in the SLPP to make it a strong party.