Open Government Director Causes Laughter in Freetown Court….US$5,000 for Eric Donaldson

Open Government Director in Sierra Leone Khadija Sesay...Incompetent

Open Government Director in Sierra Leone Khadija Sesay...Incompetent

Open Government Director in Sierra Leone, Khadija Sesay, almost lost her balance, composure and dignity when it became clear to both prosecuting and defending counsels in the on-going jamboree-Eric Donaldson music concert trial that the much trumpeted quintessential lady could not adequately express herself in English. Lawyer Leon Jenkins Johnston Jr. and his colleague from the Law Officers department argued whether the cross examination of Khadija Sesay should continue in Krio, since the lady who has been handling the Government’s Open Initiative project floundered and juggled between grammar and simple semantics as to which question was to be answered with a ‘no’ or ‘yes’. “Khadija, did you sign this document?” She answered ‘yes”.

And then to another question: “did you actually, yourself appendage your signature on this document?’ she answered ‘no’. And then even the most illiterate fellow in Magistrate Wellington’s court went into hilarious laughter. It took the no-nonsense Magistrate Wellington no time to rule that he would not accept krio in his court from such a high profile government employee. And so the concert and drama, engendering laughter form on-lookers continued as the OGI director meandered and sweated with the English language amidst giggling and eye brow raising by people in the court.


It would be recalled that after approving a contract to help bring Eric Donaldson of Jamaica to Freetown during the 50th Anniversary last April, Khadija felt appeased to cancel the contract without the least understanding what it meant to do such a thing without legal implications. Feeling ashamed perhaps to tell President Ernest Bai Koroma the truth that the OGI had no reason to get involved in concerts; going by the shameful examples of Freetown City Council of Morgan Heritage and the dismal realities within the first batch of people who handled the finances of the 50th Anniversary committee, Khadija went for a face-saving exercise by taking court action against the agent who not only sent the initial pittance of $5000, (comparing what it takes to bring Donaldson to Africa), but uses the OGI status, as a government outfit under the Office of the President, to flex muscles and distress another Sierra Leonean.


The court is now trying to decipher whether Khadija has any case, or whether it is an action borne out of malice against Madam Anny Metzeger, or actually hiding behind incompetence, as her performance in court has left people asking: How did Ernest Koroma get this Khadija to man an office as big and important as OGI, while another APC lady in court affirmed that these type of people should not be involving the office of the President in such foolishness!”

Sources at the OGI Directorate however have said that it is not actually Khadija Sesay who is doing any work at the place and that she is just a front and hires people such as SLPP’s Hon. Emmanuel Tommy, Dr. John Musa and several other competent people to do her work while she hides behind the scenes of undeserved glory. How can this lady defend any project for OGI to donors if she cannot even speak and communicate fluently in the English language? Many have asked.

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