November 6, 2013 0 By STANDARD TIMESPRESS

….Displays Wedding Ring

He least imagined that what took place in a secret location at Peckam; East London would occupy the centre stage of public domain. Maada Bio, prior to his departure from Sierra Leone did not disclose to most of his SLPP admirers that he was on a mission to the United Kingdom to honour a promise he made to one of his parlour wives that whether his party members wanted him to marry a second wife, despite he has not divorced Francess Bio in America or not; he was going to marry the Nollywood Actress who recently won a US$100.000.00 price in America.


Mr. Julius Maada Bio left the shores of Sierra Leone with the marriage secret loaded on his chest and off he went onboard the British Airwaves to Gatwick Airport where he descended and was picked up by a standby car that drove him to a hideout in East London, Peckam.

To those who had initially disputed news about the marriage, when published would now credit this medium for publishing what was considered a secret affair that has now become a very topical issue for public debate.

The marriage ceremony was graced by friends of both the Actress and the former SLPP Flag bearer that sent shocks and surprises to many of his colleagues at home and in the Diaspora. Mr. Julius Maada Bio is expected to return home anytime from now, but not with his second newly wedded wife. It is not known what explanation he would give to his party members especially Dr. Sama Banya whose expectations about him regarding his future wife was high.