Forgery and conspiracy charges slammed on Chief of Staff

Forgery and conspiracy charges slammed on Chief of Staff


It was between the hours of 4PM-5PM when the sacked Chief of Staff, Dr. Richard Konteh was withdrawn temporarily from his cell at the ground floor of the Criminal Investigation Department to the charge office.

He was officially informed that the investigation conducted by the police has indicated that he has a case to answer and that whatever he intended to say he has the privilege and opportunity to say, which would be documented as part of his defence in court.

Defence Attorneys, Lawyers Melron Nicol- Wilson and Pa Momoh Fofanah who had earlier documented in his letter to the media that his Client was innocent are reportedly dusting their books in readiness to defend their Client in Court. Police sources, say Lawyer Pa Momoh Fofanah was present at the Criminal Investigation Department when his Client was being profiled and photo taken.


The reason for the profiling like any other suspect charged to Court is furnish data base of all suspects charged to Court and if convicted would remain in the data base, but not convicted would be removed immediately. This to keep track of all criminal offenders of the law, and could also be used for future reference.

The former Chief of Staff was informed that he has been charged with three counts, two of forgery and one count of conspiracy.

Immediately the process had been accomplished, he was accompanied back to his cell to await his appearance in Count today.

In Court today he would meet with Alie Sumah and others that had already been charged with various criminal offences. Among the offences is conspiracy, which according to a Law Enforcement Officer Dr. Konteh will be affected with the same offence and all accused.

Mr. William Konteh who is currently responding to a protracted corruption charges in Court is the biological brother of the former Chief of Staff, Dr. Richard Konteh. Their uncle is Mr. Joe Koroma who was sacked as Ambassador for the Republic China during the first term of the APC government under Ernest Bai Koroma