AWOL takes Ebola campaign to East and South of Sierra Leone

The All Works of Life (AWOL) Development Organization in collaboration with Airtel (SL) Limited, All Stars and Duramani Lakoh Foundation has demonstrated their willingness to save the nation from the spread of the deadly Ebola Virus. AWOL has taken the fight against the virus to Kenema and Bo in the East and Southern Sierra Leone respectively.

Inspired by its Chairman, Ambassador Navo Junior, Deputy God-father Kweku Lisk, the AWOL Ebola one month Egbola sensitization and prevention campaign in schools across the country was launched recently at the Airtel Office in Freetown, with the aim of empowering the children to teach their families and peers about the Ebola virus and the possible ways to prevent its spread in the country.

(From L-R) Ambassador Navo Jnr, Ezekiel Duramani Lakoh, Kweku Lisk and Dr. Ibrahim Obala

(From L-R) Ambassador Navo Jnr, Ezekiel Duramani Lakoh, Kweku Lisk and Dr. Ibrahim Obala

The tour happens to be first of its kind in the history of the country as popular Sierra Leonean artists joined the AWOL train not only to perform a brand new Ebola music that is very much educative, it was also meant to visit an environment where denial of the existence of the virus is the order of the day. The message from AWOL members, musicians and radio talk show was mainly to create an informed community, especially in areas where there some people gullible on the existence of the virus. Some of the popular Musicians that partner with AWOL include: Daddy Saj, Camoflage, Willie Jay, Lady Makie, C-Bolt etc. Sanitizers and other education materials were dished out to the people and children in schools. Ezekiel Duramani Lakkoh is a Member of AWOL. He told an official launching ceremony in Kenema that even though AWOL is working very hard to take the country forward, there are some impediments that are there challenging the presence. One of such he mention is the Ebola virus that should not be allowed to spread. “The campaign against Ebola is going faster than the disease,” he said. The Managing Director of Apex Bank in Kenema, Momodu Sesay pointed out that the issue of Ebola must be taken seriously because it is real and presently killing tens of people in the East of the country. He admonished all to join AWOL in their one month campaign against Ebola so as to save the human resource of the country. Airtel’s Manager in Kenema, Gibrilla Barnet said Aitel wants to save the lives of its customers and the entire nation, which is why it joins AWOL to fight Ebola. “This is a national cause that requires a national concerted effort by taking proactive measures to save the people,” he said, and assured that his company will always be ready support life saving ventures in the country. The President of All Stars, Milton Coker (alias Collabo), pledged the support of his union on the sensitization drive, which they will do through music. Mrs. Grace Lamin, Assistant Director of Education in Kenema said she is extremely grateful to AWOL for the laudable initiative, especially taking the message to children, which are the future generation of the country. She promised to ensure that the message reach all schools in the district. A Senior Medical Doctor who is also a Member of AWOL, Dr. Ibrahim Obala described Ebola as an infection that is classified under hemorrhagic fever, which are dangerous viruses. The disease, he said has an incubation period of 4 to 21 days; during which the infected person will not infectious to an uninfected person. The disease, he added, develops symptoms and that one of the nucleuses develops bleeding. Dr. Obala said at this stage the fluids from such infected person can infect an uninfected individual. He said even though there is not treatment for the disease, but a symptom management of an infected person can be done.

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