JUDICIARY AGAIN:  Minister’s case file disappears in court

JUDICIARY AGAIN:  Minister’s case file disappears in court

December 23, 2015 0 By STANDARD TIMESPRESS

It is making headline news everyday and every month. The Judiciary in Sierra Leone has taking the lead in becoming the news maker of the Country. If it is not about the Acting Chief Justice being implicated in a land dispute, it would be about a missing case file involving the Acting Minister of Tourism and Culture, Madam Kadie Sesay and the General Manager of the  Sierra Leone Tourist Board, Yassin Kargbo.

It would be recalled that these two individuals have been slammed with Contempt proceedings at the High Court and have been deliberately dodging Court sittings anytime the matter comes up for hearing. The behavior of these two Government officials towards the Court has been described as a clear show of disrespect for the law and the trial Judge who has been presiding over the matter. This is not the first time that both individuals have been demonstrating gross disrespect for the law, which later culminated into a contempt proceeding.

Reportedly, they have been deliberately absenting themselves from the trial, allegedly bragging that they have Government support. In the case of the Acting Tourism Minister, Madam Kadie Sesay she was quoted as saying that she has immunity from prosecution, therefore she was not going to appear in  any Court of Law for a matter that is less or not significant to them.

 Lawyer Showers representing the Applicant in the Contempt trial of the two has been disillusioned over the open disrespect they have showed for the law. In the last court sitting, the Presiding Judge was forced to respond to an Application made by  Lawyer Showers that the Defendant should be served through substituted service, since the two of them have been consciously and deliberately  dodging trials since the matter of Contempt was brought  against them at  the High Court.

Both Kadie Sesay and Yassin Kargbo have been jointly and severally dragged to Court after they violated a pending appeal at the Appellate Court and a stay of execution of a judgment delivered by Justice Showers. The violation has to do with the illegal demolition without a Court Order of a Permanent Structure at the Lumley beach put up by Annie Metzger.

Yesterday, 3rd December, 2015 was the adjourned date that they were to appear in Court to respond to charges relating to Contempt. Again they were conspicuously absent, but what became very shocking was the disappearance of the case file that contained information and details of both the Acting Minister of Tourism and Culture and General Manager of the Tourist Board. The disappearance of the case file has been allegedly linked to the two officials who are now the principal suspects. The Court Order which should have been duly signed and served on them prior to the 3rd December, 2015 also suffered setback, which propelled Lawyer Showers to reportedly write an official letter to the Acting Chief Judge explaining the mystery and requested for his immediate administrative intervention.

Meanwhile, up to press time this medium learnt that when the Master and Registrar learnt about the disappearance of the case file, he physically stormed every section of the building in search of it, saying that under his administration he would not allow such unethical and unprofessional practice to undermine the administration of the Judiciary. Within a twinkle of an eye the file was discovered. Report states that the file was collected  from the Judge’s Cabinet and signed for by Felix Will and it was between the Judge’s Cabinet to the office of the Master and Registrar that the file  disappeared. The matter has been adjourned to 8th December, 2015 and a substituted service is expected to be effected on the Defendants.