The Fullah Progressive Union (FPU), Western Area Branch held its nomination exercise for members of the Fullah progressive Union in line with its newly drafted Constitution. The ceremony was held at the Ansarul Islamic school. Among the objectives of the Union is to strengthen its base, which inclusive of its membership and to promote the good policy and agenda of the Government in its development drive. The Fullah Progressive Union which has been in existence for over 28 years and very vital in creating unity amongst the Fullahs in sierra Leone is determined to forge ahead with its plans and support for the Government and the State.


Speaking during the ceremony Mr. Sulaiman Jalloh noted that the nomination process is of tremendous importance as it would determine the caliber of executive members that will run the affairs of the Union. The interest of the Union, he emphasized is of great significance but cautioned that only true Fullahs must be part of the Union and warned that discipline will be the primary focus of the Union. “In light of this, he went on stringent measures will be put in place for those that will violate the Constitution”.Mr Jalloh stated.

Speaking to this medium, the Commissioner of the Electoral  Committee, Alhaji Bailor Jalloh reiterated that the executive of the Fullah Progressive Union has been silent for quite a long time and they thought it fit that the Union must be revived and be vibrant in order to  exercise its duties to both mankind and the State.

Nominations for the various executive positions including the Chairman of the Union, Vice Chairman, Public Relations Officer amongst others were announced. Alhaji Kello Jalloh was nominated for the position of Chairman of the Union, but went unopposed. Making a brief statement after his nomination he informed members how proud he was to go unopposed for the position of Chairman, which means members of the Union have confidence and trust in him, which he will never betrayed during his stewardship.  “I will work assiduously for the growth and success of the Union” Chairman Alhaji Kello Jalloh promised”.

The Fullah Progressive Union is not a political organization or affiliated with any political party in the Country. Its focus and priority are mainly to promote the ideals, culture and capacitate its members and support the Government of the State. AlhaJi Umaru M. Bah, the Fullah Tribal Head of the Kailahun District in his contribution observed that without unity there will be no progress and re-emphasized that the Fullah Progressive Union (FPU) is a non Political Union.   “It assists in enhancing development in Sierra Leone”. He concluded.

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