As Family threatens to kill Lesbian on the run 

Reports reaching this medium states that one Isata Bangura formally of 11 Magazine Cut at Grassfield-eastern part of Freetown, is now on the run fearing for her life.

According to a family member who spoke to our reporter on condition of anonymity, Isata’s trouble started when she was removed from school, and forcefully given to marry an elderly man whom she did not love.


Reports further revealed that Isata was given into the marriage because of money (wealth) that her family was benefitting from her husband who was a rich man.  Sources added that Isata’s husband was a violent man and was always engaged in sexually and physically abuse and assaulting Isata.

Isata ran away from her husband’s house many times but she was always forced to go back by her parents. Things came to an abrupt end when Isata ran away and publicly get wedded to woman in a Lesbian relationship” reports narrated.

This ugly development infuriated her family and community members who saw it as an abomination and threatened to kill her, as they claimed that she has brought a curse upon her family and community.

A community member who also spoke to this paper maintained that both tradition and religion do not condoned homo-sexualism and lesbianism as they are considered as an abominations and anyone found wanting in such practices must be killed  or even burnt alive so that they cannot bring curse on their family, community and the country.

The community member revealed that they are now on the look-out for both Isata and her woman “husband” so that they can kill them and rid the country of such abomination.

As we went to press, we learned that Isata and her partner have ran away and their whereabouts or remain unknown.



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