Windfall For Rural Sierra Leone As Canadian Partnership Boost IMITT Center

December 18, 2009 Off By admin

by Muckson Sesay – Executive Director IMITTCENTRE and OPARD-SL Canada Representative

The Retiring Director and Co-founder of Powerland Computer Mr. Wesley Penner who is now an associate business partner to the Ishaak Muckson Innovative Technology Centre, (IMITT Centre, has added another fist into the well celebrated community- driven technology initiative in the African nation of Sierra Leone

The Canadian philanthropic business entrepreneur who has been in the Information Technology zenith for over two decades has boosted the centre with High Power Electricity Generating Machine, 100 Pentium 4 Dell Computers, Two IBM Servers, Xerox Photocopy Machine, Networks Printers and many more Retrofitting gears.

Wes, as he is commonly known, has a reputable name amongst Africans in Manitoba for boosting small scale Information Technology ventures in Africa . But what’s different this time is his desire to support the Director of the Ishaak Muckson Innovative Technology Centre (IMITT Centre), Mr. Muckson Sesay’s vision to integrate Compute Technology into classrooms and sizable communities across Sierra Leone

 The equipment boost came at a time when people of Mile 91 are preparing to celebrate the one year anniversary of “Community Transformation to Computer Age” in February 2010. Evidence of success in this initiative has started showcasing in all quarters of Mile 91 society.

 There has been a dramatic increase in the number of internet users and a significant number of youths have found a new and exciting hobby in online social networking. FaceBook, hi5, YouTube and other social networking sites are now common amongst youths at Mile 91. For many students and school teachers, the school and the internet café is a major source for modern educational material. This effort has contributed towards making Mile 91 a place to live rather than a place to leave.

 At Ishaak Muckson Innovative Technology Training Centre (IMITT), clients receive comprehensive training in internet browsing, email, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. These services are delivered at the lowest possible costs required to keep the centre operational and sustainable – the costing is designed to develop a sense of ownership and accomplishment in beneficiaries while making services especially accessible to students, teachers, women and people with low incomes.

A special focus has been put on training teachers and making Information Technology accessible to schools. Because of its innovative agenda, IMITT has received a large turnout of both students and school teachers with an encouraging number of female enrolments into the program.

 As a leading institution in the introduction of Computer Technology in schools at rural communities of Sierra Leone , IMITT Centre harnessed the opportunity to ensure a level playing field where women are given equal opportunity to participate and become visible in the computer industry, to avoid the precedents of making IT a male dominating industry.

This effort will help us streamline women into IT top-level positions so as to provide a highly visible example of how women can be successful in the Information Technology sector

IMITT program training fees are less than 20% of commercial comparable courses in Sierra Leone’s larger urban centers.