Is National Revenue Authority Still Sick After The Sacking of Seven Officials?

A question of this nature could only be answered, when those to whom the question has been posed understand the unequivocal adverse economic implications that are now common place in an impoverished nation like Sierra Leone.

We are certainly not sure whether the Koroma administration lacks technical manpower know-how to identify, prevent and improve the status and performance of the National Revenue Authority, but we surely know that an unprecedented level of selfishness to amass individual and mostly ill-gotten wealth, from thieves occupying sensitive positions within the National Revenue Authority may have caused the government to turn a blind eye to the ongoing administrative malaise that have overshadowed this once enviable institution.

While the vast majority of Sierra Leoneans continue to suffer from abject poverty some cabinet individuals, parliamentarian and god-fathers, of the money vultures at the National Revenue Authority, are enjoying fabulous amounts of stolen monies that should have been used to benefit the poverty stricken people of this nation, in return for protecting those administrative incompetent staff, from any strong punitive action from the office of the Anti Corruption Commission.

This sought of unpatriotic protection, for administrative fraudsters at the National Revenue Authority, by senior government officials and close allies, for their sustainable amassment of public monies, continue to maintain the impoverished nature of Sierra Leoneans at the very bottom of the annual United Nations Human Index Report.

As a nation, we are very confused or better still frustrated over the state of affairs at the National Revenue Authority, especially the manner in which poverty and economic hopelessness has gripped all and sundry within Sierra Leone.

Take for example, the impact which the removal of subsidy on fuel had, on the majority of Sierra Leoneans, it is very serious in all aspect. People are suffering and continue to suffer all sorts of economic hardship because the government is refusing to take corrective measures at the National Revenue Authority.

The think-tanks of the government are refusing to enlighten the President that until sanity returns to the National Revenue Authority, Sierra Leone would not know economic peace and tranquility. To put it better, until as a nation we strengthen the productivity level of the National Revenue Authority, the full potentials of the government and its efforts in infrastructural development would not be realized at all.

This author is very sure that President Ernest Bai Koroma and his team of technocrats are aware that all the financial and technical supports that this government had received and continue to receive from donors to facilitate its numerous socio-economic and political programmes are from other taxpayers monies in different parts of the world. These taxpayers have been coerced to pay all their taxes that should be directed towards sustainable and meaningful development programmes around the world.

Unfortunately, the monies are spent in countries in which similar taxes are collected from taxpayers but are not utilized efficiently or mostly squandered by those that have been entrusted to collect such monies. This issue has been cited in line with what obtains in Sierra Leone and how the senior management at the office of the country’s breadbasket is maliciously chopping monies that are meant to be utilized in the same vein as monies from taxpayers’ in the UK, USA and other parts of the world are judiciously used

What is even disheartening is the manner in which the taxpayers’ monies have been utilized at the National Revenue Authority, which is supposed to be an independent body that should provide financial assistance in the form of loans to other countries.

At the National Revenue Authority today, the blatant misuse of DFID’s vehicles and other assets donated for the collection of taxes, to boost the revenue base of Sierra Leone, as evident by Bilal Kargbo, the Director of Corporate Services, when he used the Toyota Hilux van ADX 361 to transport timber and other items to his building site is very frustrating to well meaning Sierra Leoneans.

This same Bilal Kargbo took his time to destroy and wreck his first official Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle ABQ 205, after carrying several bags of cement and other items to the same site at Goderich. To compensate Bilal Kargbo for all the damages he exhibited on DFID’s property, he has  been provided with a brand new Prado Jeep, by Haja Kallah Kamara for successfully teaming up with Chairman Melvin G. Tucker to orchestrate the dismissal of  senior managers at the Customs and Excise Department of the National Revenue Authority.

Shamefully, Bilal Kargbo may have been benefiting from these unfortunate victims at Customs under the guise of protecting them from problems and extending similar gesture to Chairman G. Melvin Tucker for more protection. Since Bilal Kargbo could not have given Chairman Melvin Tucker everything he may have been collecting from these unfortunate victims at Customs and Excise Department, as a result of his desperation to complete his two mansions at Goderich and probably other projects at Lungi and Makeni, Melvin G. Tucker was not happy with treatments and cunning behaviour meted out on him, he therefore vowed to use his powers as Chairman of the Puppet Board of Directors to teach these ex-employees a bitter and costly lesson.

For the whole of yesterday, Bilal Kargbo and his alter boy were seen locked up in their Bathurst Street office performing ceremonies  and doctoring papers in readiness for any audit exercise.

At the same time, the Director of Finance, Abdulai Conteh, who most NRA staff nicknamed money vulture, Alimamy O. Kamara, the Deputy Director of Administration and Human Resources Management, who also doubles as the defacto Chief Strategist of the underground Sierra Leones Peoples Party (SLPP) Reform Group and Haja Kallah Kamara have been seen holding series of meetings on the almost finalized investigations concerning the celebrated land deal in Kono.

More revelation from the Anti Corruption Commission makes it clear that what was collected by the chiefs in Kono was far below the Le 165,000.000, which was changed to Sixty Five Million Leones (Le 65,000,000). They   were only given tokens, not above Le 10,000.000 and were asked by the NRA land schemers to sign the conveyance.

Yesterday,  Abdulai Conteh, the Director of Finance reportedly spent several hours at the Anti Corruption Commission helping investigators to find out the truth. Report states that conflicting statements made by some NRA officials in relation to the celebrated land deal prompted officers from the Anti Corruption Commission to visit the NRA office twice in search of some documents and corroborate the information they have been provided with.

It is now very clear that the deal has been done, payment effected and fraudulent conveyances prepared and presented to the Board of Directors and Management for their notification and attention, the ACC does not need to do anything but to charge those NRA  officials found culpable.

As the current Management at the National Revenue Authority continues to buy time from the Anti Corruption Commission, Abdulia Conteh has allegedly collected over three different loans in a nine calendar month period, as opposed to the terms and conditions of service of the National Revenue Authority. He has even collected his leave allowance that should be due by the end of August 2011.

This again is against the terms and conditions of services of the National Revenue Authority and prudent financial management yet Haja Kallah Kamara who is alleging to have studied and completed the Association of Chartered Accountants qualifications is signing all the payments. This is the more reason why people are questioning the very credibility of both of their educational competences.

The problems exhibited by the current Haja Kallah administration are unprecedented and untold in a modern tax administration and if this s to continue unabated that the President would have himself to blame

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