InformationTechnology Puts Mile 91 On The Spotlight…As 28 Students Graduate From IMITT

June 8, 2010 0 By admin

By Linda M. Sesay

It was a special and tender moment as family members presented gifts to their graduates. Some attendees travelled over fifty kilometres from neighbouring villages to celebrate their graduates’ accomplishments. One father, Mr. Sorie Sesay who made the long journey with his family said “Our son Alieu Sesay has made us proud and we are here to support him”

On this exciting day, the Ishaak Muckson Innovative Technology Centre (IMITT, Institution proudly presented twenty-eight diplomas to students who have completed the IT program. Dressed in black suits, the graduate proudly accepted their diplomas with their faces reflecting the hard work and commitment to their dreams.  

The honourable members Dr. Mathew Timbo, journalists, paramount chiefs, representatives from non-governmental organizations, teachers and principals, Mile 91 police force, etc.., are all in attendance of the ceremony, on May 30th 2010.

In his opening remarks, the chairman and head of the coalition of principles at Yoni, Mr. J. S. Kamara applauded IMITT Institution for introducing technology to the people of Sierra Leone. Speaking to students at the Valentino Hall, at Mile 91, the guest speaker, Dr. Mathew Timbo told students that “From today, you can be proud to say that you are computer literate”  Dr. Timbo who has spent several years in California, USA returned home three years ago to answer his own call to duty; to serve his people in his own constituency.

Without hesitation, the honourable member asserted that the Ishaak Muckson Innovative Technology Training institute is answering the question of skilled labour that most multi-national cooperation continue to ask when facing with the daunting decision of investing in a foreign country. “Quite often, we ask investors to come to our countries, but do we have the skills that these companies need? IMITT Institute is the answer” he added.  Dr. Timbo continued on to say that “the Mucksons are the Bill Gates of Africa.”  listn to his  speech click here

The  honourable member  maintained that the current government is doing their best towards developing infrastructures such as roads, bridges etc, to connect economic zones and promote friendly foreign investment; he further urged the private sector to play their role in enhancing micro-development for the benefit of ordinary citizen.

From Canada, the institute founder and Executive Director, Mr. Muckson Sesay gave a live podcast through the school website to congratulate his graduates. In his speech, the director praised the management and staff of the school for upholding the standard of the institution; he further congratulated the students for successful completion of the program. The Director who has worked in different capacity for several IT companies in North America including Hewlett Parker (HP), EDS Canada, etc. and currently the president and founder of one of the leading IT incorporated companies in Manitoba “Excellent Technology Solutions Inc” urged students to use their newfound knowledge of technology as an asset in their future career advancement. “Technology is not only my career but my passion” the IT expert told the graduates. Mr. Muckson Sesay further told the audience that “denying technology is like refusing to go to school, the consequence is the same. It is a choice between benefiting from information technology or being left out of its enormous benefit” He added that the metrics on global competitiveness has changed in the last decade, he continued that “the measurement of the wealth of a nation has changed from being the capacity of it local resources, to its technological advancement and it availability of a skilled labour” Mr. Sesay added that Sierra Leone needs a structural policy adjustment towards information technology in order to get a fair share of it global benefit

When this reporter asked Executive Director Mr. Sesay on their intension for expansion, and  how does he pays for staff, here is what he has to say “we have abundant hardware and spare parts currently at our centre to open more training schools but providing salary from my pay cheques for the past two year is hurting me, and hoping for miracle to come and assist us at least for the payment of one staff ” he appealed

Speaking on behalf of graduates, student representative, Aminata Kamara extolled the institution and its training program. The student noted that her favourite module with the program is Publisher, listens to what she has to say  clickShe further outlined the challenges of getting education in larger cities especially for those coming from smaller communities, she said that “getting into a computer school in Freetown is very difficult, the accommodation, feeding and transportation is very difficult.”

Mr. Patrick Kamara, a son of the soil who lives USA was also in attendance in this program, Mr. Kamara who heard the news of the graduation ceremony from a radio broadcast in Freetown travelled to Mile 91 to show his sincere support of the institution. In a marathon speech delivered in front of hundreds of people, Mr. Kamara enthusiastically thanked the staff and management of the institute for giving the opportunity to the people of Mile 91 to become active competitor in information technology. Mr. Patrick Kamara concluded that “Sierra Leone is not only Freetown.  Freetown is just a teeny tinny part of Sierra Leone”

Finally the determined Executive Director announced their new program” I am honoured to announce that  the Ishaak Muckson Innovative Technology Training Institute  will be introducing a new program called “Advanced Information and Communication Technology Program”  (Advanced ICT program). This program will train students on hardware, basic software, and concept of Information Technology, file management, introduction to database, and a lot more”  

The students and staff thanked Mr. Sesay for his vision; no doubt this is the beginning of great change for Mile 91 and its people.